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Everything I do is bespoke, personalised, and tailored to your needs and requirements, I don’t just show up and press play.

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Discos Mobile is operated by DJ Richard Porter with 17 Years experienced as a DJ continually improving through training and workshops.

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Mobile Disco – Guests being welcomed

I am firstly a DJ – Working with you and your musical needs, sometimes you like a say in the music and provide playlists other times I will just play great music, suitable for your guests and what your guests want to listen and dance to. Guests are more than welcome to ask me for requests and I try and play most things. However I’m very honest with you, what you love on your IPOD or in the comfort of your own home v’s what will work on the dance floor for all your friends and family is sometimes quite different.

Secondly I am a Master of Ceremonies – I will make sure your function runs correctly liaising with relevant suppliers to make it run smoothly. I also announce and where appropriate stage events (i.e First Dances & Grand Entrances) making sure all the people are in the right places at the right time, and keeping you advised and prepared for anything we may be doing in advance.

Thirdly I am an Emcee – which means on certain events I can be interactive and join in with the dancing, setting off dance routines or handing over inflatable products (microphones & Guitar’s) or products you wish for us to dance with and keep the visual effect of the dance floor going. This can also include high energy getting people sticking hands in the air, jumping to hit the roof and many other things to give your party that edge.

Fourthly I am an Entertainer – Childrens Entertainment, Adults fun and Games, Wedding Games and we pre-plan it all for your perfection.

Fifth I am a host – I can host your event bringing everything together at the correct times, being the go-to guy.

Sixth I practice Entertainment Planning – I always believe you can’t do enough planning on an event, it may be an OCD of mine (like timekeeping) but I don’t like leaving anything to chance and winging it on the day. Of course things don’t always go to plan and times / events do change but with a plan in the first place there is never a last minute panic or not knowing what to do.

People say you cant be a Master of Everything! I’m not, I understand weddings, the traditions and how to make them more fun (we work out your kind of fun), I have 4 kids and children’s entertainment and games is in my blood. The rest working with you in detail is what makes your party Unique, Fun and Memorable, its all about YOU and I work for you!

One thing you will notice about me is I’m real, what you see is what you get! The Mrs describes me as a typical bloke who cares more about my clients weddings than my own. My clients describe me as a nice guy who competently snapsex gets the job done to the highest standard. Read my mobile disco testimonials to see more peoples opinions on me.

I am me, you can see me on my video’s, you can see me having a moan, you can see me working a room, you can see me being interactive, you can see my clients video testimonials and you can see some of the things when planning some of my marketing videos I have found funny and put into production. So yes its all me and my personality as a DJ/Person!

This website is designed for you to make your own mind up if you want me or not, I guarantee to do you a good job, I’ll Guarantee you get what you want after a discussion, I guarantee if I say I can work your event it will be me working not passing off to someone else when a better Mobile Disco offer comes in.

I hope it answers any question you may have, if not please call me, if you just want to chat about the cool, fun things we can do together phone me, ask me I am very versatile and if I cant do it, I wont take on your booking.

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My Blog is a hive of information where you will find the details of each and every event I work on.

Mobile Disco – Behind the Scenes For Your Piece of Mind
Back up equipment
I always have on hand a complete second sound system for emergencies Spare Laptop, Spare Hard Drive, Spare Mixer, Spare Speakers, Plenty of Spare Leads, if ANYTHING goes wrong I have it covered.

Discos Mobile – Digital Music License (Pro-DUB)
All digital music from Discos Mobile is legally downloaded and purchased – Discos Mobile appreciates the recording artists who make mobile discos possible and keep me in a Job.

Mobile Disco -Public Liability Insurance (PLI)
10 Million Pounds Public Liability Insurance Policy.

Equipment Safety Pat Testing
Every 12 months The DJ Equipment I use is PAT Tested for your / our safety.

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