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About Me: DJ Richard Porter
DOB: 28/05/1980
By Day, Dad
By Night, DJ, Host, Entertainer & Master of Ceremonies.
Experience: 15+ years

Aim as a DJ: To give you exactly what you want, and make your event unique and all about you.

How did it all begin:

Quite alot of people ask me this, How did you become a DJ?

I started off as what would be known as a “Chav DJ” by todays standards but we all have to start somewhere hey!

I was 14 (1994), I wanted to be a Club DJ, Club DJ’s and Festival DJ’s were cool. I had all there flyers for club nights, had all there cassettes and I wanted to be one.

So luckily I came from a reasonable background, and my father bought me my first set of Technics 1210’s turntables.

To me this was great, I could now go in a record shop and buy records and play them, vinyl was cool.

I spent the next 12 months mixing in my bedroom, annoying the neighbors, police and parents

When ever there was a party it was always at my house and I was popular with everyone.

By the time I hit 15 (1995), I wanted to play in all these club nights I idolised so much, so made my demo, sent it off, and got know where.

My dad sat down with me and said, if you want to work as a DJ, be more open with music you can still create a great party, it just does not have to be Happy Hardcore. (ahh the things we love when were young, I currently like, Pendulum, and Rock/Dance Crossover but you would never find me playing it at a function) A DJ’s enjoyment in music is usually something we dont play, as I am a busy DJ, the top 40 music or 90’s music or 80’s music, I play day in day out and after time the thrills of it wears off. I can usually be found on a weekend off at Festivals like Global Gathering, Creamfields, Parklife, Holy Ship, as I only get the occasional weekend off, I have to make the most of it and unfortunately Yates, or the Walkabout just don’t cut it for me any more.

So I got on the phone, I knew I had to get a job as a trainee DJ and had to find somewhere or someone who would train me up so I could be this super cool DJ.

I found a company called, Gary Wilds Discos, in Blackpool that would train me up. It was a great deal for them, a training firm called YTS would pay me £40 a week, they would get a full time employee for free, who could help setting up discos, learning electrical wiring and help with there installations, building cool roadshow rigs etc. I was in there. I’d managed to get into the business, brilliant.

My Trainer was a guy called John (Currently the resident DJ at Uncle Toms Cabin in Blackpool), nice lad, knew what he was doing and we were entertaining coach parties at the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool. From there I learned how to wire up equipment, set up a disco rig, cue up Motown Music and Golden Oldies, Talk on a Microphone and all the basic’s to becoming a mobile DJ.

From there I managed to secure a couple of Hotel DJ Residencies doing similar to what I had been taught by John and successfully entertaining old people. (Got to love grannies having a good time)

I still always wanted to be that Club DJ, and was working Part Time at the Palace Night Club behind the Bar at age 18 (1998), Still working for the Grannies during the Week, and at weekends behind the Bar of the Biggest Super Club in the UK at the time, The Palace. After about 6 months working there, fortunately for me the DJ let the down one evening and my records were just round the corner at one of the hotels for me to slip into the role. I was scared, bearing in mind that my usual set consisted of Max Bygraves and Tom Jones, I was now in the biggest night club in the area, and had to play the up to date party tunes and trance music for there laser show. Musically I was not really prepared for it, I managed to pull off the night (just about) and the owner was pleased at how I had got the crowd going and he was aware that musically I didn’t have the song selection but that could be forgiven for this one night because for next week I would be ready.

From there I moved around Various Bars and Clubs in Blackpool and Preston still enjoying myself but felt it was a little bit too easy. I wanted a challenge, in bars and night clubs, people go there to dance and would pretty much dance to anything I played. I became complacent in my role and got bored of the same scene different day, with the same annoying locals, drunk, annoying me to play unsuitable music for the type of place and thought I would go back to the challenges of Mobile DJing. (2002)

At that time, the easiest way to get work in the mobile disco industry was through a Mobile Disco Agent. The owner of Gary Wild Discos had fallen out with me a little bit, when I had left him the first time round, and still saw me as that 15 year old boy, who cant tell his front end from his back end so instead I made ties with a Firm called Dave Ward Roadshows.

Dave, nice guy had lots of the local venues and customers calling him and plenty of work to go around. From here is when it became interesting for me personally as a DJ again. I became an Agency DJ, how agency’s work is you call them up, they find an independent DJ who is available and take a commission in the middle for matching client to DJ.

In the end as Dave Ward Roadshows grew in size, he needed more help, I was drafted in to work in the office with him. As I had a great relationship with him for being one of the best DJ’s on his books, the benefits for me was I got first refusal on the work that came through the books, and as such was extremely busy. Plus a small cut in the commissions taken from the DJ’s came to me as a salary.

Over the years I gained lots and lots of time served experience in playing music, being a great DJ, filling dance floors and being the party starter.

In 2008 I attended a Wedding for one of my best friends, at first I was offered the job as a DJ, but really I wanted to just sit back and enjoy myself as he was one of my best friends. I did give them some advice on booking a DJ and they took that very seriously. I had known and used (unknowing to me) before while working for Dave Ward Roadshows DJ’s that shall we just say were not fit for purpose and complaints came in and just did not know there Job.

This wedding I attended, was my eye opener at what a true Wedding DJ should Do

To Read How I became a Wedding Specialist Please Click Here

I then started to put into practice of course the weddings as above, but thought, how can I truly enhance other events to get the same warm welcome and same response to make it engaging and different from all the other DJ’s in the market place. After all we were all competing on price and not ability, and the customers at first glance were booking on price alone and not ability, so I had to take myself out of that loop if I wanted to earn a living wage from Mobile Discos and be somebody you want regardless of the cost. For Pricing information please click here.

My next project was to work on my Christening Entertainment, christenings to me over the earlier years seemed pointless as a DJ, we would just play music, know one would dance and it was boring easy money. As you can see by my christenings page, it is far from that now!

It is really hit and miss with my diary, I am very busy but always have random dates free, If you truly want a great time on any event, I am the DJ to provide you with that, give me a call and lets discuss how we can make your event fantastic.