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Greetings brides and grooms to be! Welcome to my Alternative Wedding DJ page!

There is many reasons why you could be looking for an Alternative Wedding DJ, so i’m going to tell and show you some of the aspects I cover..

Alternative Music Wedding DJ

First is the MUSIC, Lots of people are into Alternative Music, even myself to a certain degree, in my Youth EMF and Manchester Anthems were always a favourite of mine, because Alternative spans a HUGE era’s range from 60’s Flower Power movement, through to the 70’s Punk, Glam Rock, New Wave and Rock, into the 80’s which starts the first use of the word Alternative with Gothic Rock, Ska, Two Tone, Manchester Anthems, Post-Punk, Indie, House Music, Acid House etc, and into the 90’s is when I really remember it (my age group) Grunge, Brit Pop, Indie, Electronica, and to a certain degree, Emo and Metal Rock & sub genre’s.

Alternative Wedding DJ alternative wedding dj Alternative Wedding DJ Alternative Wedding DJ

Ria and Alex Before it turned into a Mosh Pit

Alternative Wedding DJ

This itself is split into a few factors.

Alternative Wedding DJ

Quite a few things have happened over the last few years, out Art and Right to provide a great service and do a great job has been overrun with fools who quite frankly DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO BE A DJ and I can’t blame you for looking for an alternative, the level of Skill, Customer Service, Abilities, and attitudes quite frankly SUCK and SUCKS big time.

Working ALONGSIDE me I promise you as your Alternative Wedding DJ I won’t Suck. I will create the atmosphere just as you want it, I will keep your guests happy and entertained, and I will make sure it’s fun, unique and memorable. That’s Your Kind of FUN.

If you read my other WEDDING pages, you will get more what I can do, a DJ does not just turn up and press play, yes a cheap one might, but you get what you pay for I’m afraid.

Call me now and see how we can make your Alternative Wedding DJ & Entertainment, YOUR OWN.