An Introduction to DJ Richard Porter

DJ Richard Porter

Thank you for stopping and reading my first blog post, I hope you will bookmark me, share me, tweet me, subscribe to me, or like me on facebook and eventually we will become friends or work colleges or clients who knows in this blogging world.

I am Richard Porter, I can get quite interesting at times, boring at others, mad as a hatter once in a while and I do like a good moan more often than not, the information I will be divulging through this social medium and fantastic blog will be in relation to, Previous Events, Tips and Advice to DJ’s and Tips and Advice to Consumers.

Previous Events – On these blog posts I go into great detail about the type of event, the event venue and location, the customers needs and expectations, and the guests. Some are quite standard and what you would consider to be a normal event and some really embrace what I mean by Bespoke Entertainment.

Tips and Advice to DJs – On the Subject of Djing, I consider and have been told I am a role model who is leading the way in how to deal with a customer and what the customers wants! GETs!, Some DJs Listen, Some Ignore, and Some voice their own opinions so the comments section will be quite interesting under this heading.

Tips and Advice to Customers – Some people consider some of this to be negative marketing, I am really trying to educate people to buy the right product, the difference between fresh and rotten fruit is one tastes sweet the other leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. Quite simply these blog posts are to help you find the Right DJ and not the Wrong one, and things to look out for along the way to book wisely.

Guest bloggers are more than welcome as long as the topics are relevant and unique content, please contact us now if you would like to guest blog.

Please keep reading through my Blog Posts or Check Out My DJ Images or Pages for extra fun.

DJ Rick Porter

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