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Covering all northwest areas including Cheshire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Manchester & Liverpool

Please note apart from Childrens Birthday Parties, I don’t do 18th’s 2st’s 30th’s unless your one of my previous clients looking for your child OR you twist my arm, I personally prefer older mature birthday parties in line with my abilities and knowledge of music.

That being Said:

Congratulations on your 40th, 50th, 60th 70th 80th 90th or Big 100th Birthday Party! Whatever your Milestone Birthday we plan to make sure its a success with myself at the helm being your Party DJ.

I find people dont always like to read, here I am to tell you what I can do for you on your party. We really do make it all about YOU!!!

Whatever age you are, it’s a time for celebration and you need the most suitable Birthday Party DJ or Mobile Disco for your event. Understanding ages means understanding capabilities and musically adjusting to that consideration. As an experienced DJ, I know what music will tick the right boxes for every age group. Trying to keep parents, aunties and uncles satisfied at a 18th or 21st party is a challenge in itself, but between everyone, it will be a success. For example, expecting a room or 80/90 year olds to dance to upbeat music for a long period of time is not the right way to work a night and I completely understand and adjust to the evening presented. I have a wide range of music selection from the 1920’s right the way through to the top 40 UK singles chart.

I have 2 ways of working you decide how much effort you want me to put into your event. Music and Basic announcements is going to be alot cheaper than, home visits, phone calls, script writing and planing the special moments of your birthday party.

Have a look at a video we did recently for This is Your Life on a Birthday Party.

I am very competent in my music knowledge and selection from the eras and of course, with me you can pick a lot of the music that is played over the course of the evening anyway. I am not scared of requests and try to do my best to play everything you and your guests ask for!

I do everything in my power to go above and beyond expectations of what is considered to be a normal DJ, hence the whole website.

Give me a call it will be a pleasure to be of service.