Business Ethics

Business ethics of DiscosMobile DJ Richard Porter

What does DJ Richard Porter stand for? My business Ethics

I have been a DJ for over 17 years, I haven’t always done things right, I have made mistakes. The important fact is though that I have learn’t from them. It realised early on in my DJ career that I had to set myself apart. With an unregulated industry there are unfortunately those that do not follow a code of conduct and who act dishonestly. I have seen these shady DJ’s come and go, they never last long in the industry because what they fail to realize is that as a DJ you are only ever as good on last gig. A lot of my work comes from recommendations or from guests at events that have seen me perform.

I believe that this is because I have a strong moral compass that I run my business by. Clients learn quickly that I am reliable, trustworthy and professional and they tell other people. But what are my business ethics and how do I run DiscosMobile by them?

If you hire me as your DJ I promise I will;

Provide you with the service you book – on time.

Business Ethics Part 1; I guarantee that if you hire me, it is me that will DJ for you, not someone else I hire to replace me! I will turn up in plenty of time to make sure that I have set up my equipment with time to spare. You will not see me rushing around trying to get everything done last minute.

Work and not socialize.

When I am hired for an event I am at work. I do not see your wedding or party as an opportunity to get free drinks and eat all of your food. I consider myself to be a fun DJ who particularly enjoys facilitating interactive party games but this doesn’t mean I cross the line. Your guests are your guests, not my friends. I treat everyone I meet at events with kindness and grace. Some DJ’s bring their partners with them as if they are on a night out. I personally do not feel this is appropriate and if you hire me, you hire me alone and not my whole family. It is your night, not mine.

Business Ethics of DJ Richard Porter

Present a professional appearance

Any event you hire a DJ for will be in its very nature; special! Your guests will have carefully selected the clothes they are wearing and so why shouldn’t the DJ. If you hire a service provider that arrives looking scruffy then it will bring down the entire demeanor of the event. The same applies for the equipment. I am proud of the professional and quality sound system I provide. It looks good and fits in with any event venue.

Provide a contract and a money back guarantee

I want to make sure that my clients feel important, valued and listened to. I spend time with each of them and discuss what they want and how I can help them achieve it. I provide a contract so that all the parties know where they stand and what is expected of them. If my clients are not happy, I will work with them to resolve any issues. The last thing I want is any conflict. I offer my clients a money back guarantee because I want them to know that I take their event seriously and I won’t deliver a second class service once I have the money. From the moment I receive an enquiry to the moment I am packing away at the end of the night I endeavor to deliver professional and quality service.

If you would like to hire an ethical DJ for your event then contact me using the contact details above, you know how I operate and the Business Ethics and Ethos I live by.