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Charity Fundraiser Host Glasson Dock Lancaster

As part of my giving back to the community policy in my company, I give back time to community events, Glasson Dock and the Lancaster Area I frequent quite a bit and when they asked me to be their Master of Ceremonies and be a Charity DJ Glasson Dock Village Hall I gladly accepted the charity work for free.

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Well I must have done an awesome job as a video testimonial came my way 🙂 Thank you Sooo much Elaine

I was found by a friend of a friend called Gill Payne who runs Blackpool wedding shows, Gill knows I do alot of charity DJ work, and confidently put my name forward.

The biggest issue with charity work is most DJs in Lancaster wont do it because they are that cheap normally they cant afford to do it, with myself my clients pay me a fair wage for a good job, I can afford holidays, I can afford to feed my children and I can afford to work for free 10 times a year to contribute to a charity and a good cause, one that I believe in. Thank you to my clients for respecting me enough to pay me a living salary.

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The Charity in question today was Together for Shorter Lives. They help children who have less than normal life expectancies and help their family’s give the children the care they need by supporting the hospices and local volunteer organisations. Sounds perfect to me to give my time, skill and services.

DJ Lancaster’s First off I threw a load of balloons on the ground, there were going to be quite a few kids who needed something to do while their parents spent their lovely much needed money on raffle tickets and at the stall holders stalls and I played a little balloon game with them.

Because the children were in and out there was not alot I could do game wise with them as there were all in and out within half an hour. So I just made sure everyone was fine, music was correct, stall holders were ok and that we were running on time for everything.

We had a bonny baby competition 🙂 which is hard work because how do you tell the babys they are ugly, so we did it gracefully and told that it was such a hard decision and all babys got at least one vote (little white lie) and the winner was number 4.

We had a raffle too and gave lots of stuff away.

When you want a good guy, to do a good job CALL ME, lets make your event brilliant.