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Free Charity Events DJ Northwest England

Well thanks for visiting and thanks for looking.

People sometimes seem surprised when I say YES I do free discos and DJ work for charities, but I do. I have it built into my business plan that I will give back 10% of my business in free gigs for Charities up and around the North West of England.

So that’s 10 free gigs a year. It is however limited to a max 2 events per year per charity.

Just because it says Charity, please don’t pass me off as a mug, I have a very strict criteria for charity events as in the past the worse side of the human race gets brought out of people when they think they can make a quick buck.

It is a working partnership, yes I will do your event for Free but I have some expectations from that event.

My first requirement is, that it has to be for a Charity I feel very strongly about a typical passion is Disabled Children or anything to do with kids in general, they are great I have loads and I have a lot of time for them.

My Second Requirement is, that all proceeds and profits after costs must go to the said charity.

With all the will in the world I would love to do Charity Events at the Weekend, but unfortunately I have a house to run, Kids to feed and all the rest that is required from a responsible adult. So if it is a Weekend job the best I can do is give you a 30% Discount.

So that brings you onto my Third requirement, that the event is Monday-Thursday and yes you can have me for free.

My Fourth Requirement is any/all Advertising material displays my name, DJ Richard Porter from

My Fifth Requirement is I would like a Video Testimonials from yourselves for help/use with my marketing materials, as always I just require a honest reflection of our dealings with you from the start to the finish of the event.

If you like what I do, and you fit into the criteria for our charity events set out and want me to represent you at your given event please give me a call.