Charity Mobile DJ Standish Wigan

Mobile DJ Standish

I was brought in by Julie and Laura, to be the Host, Compare and Mobile DJ Standish in Wigan. The Charity was Together on a Mission or Tom’s Charity. Which is in aid of the prevention of Suicide and Depression. A Worth Cause, for my 30% Discount off my standard rates.

Charity Mobile DJ Wigan

Tom’s Charity is all because of a young man who committed suicide because of Depression, Tom Gallagher. Laura one of the organisers was his sister and I also had the privilege of meeting toms mum at the event too.

We were at the Standish Labour Club on Smalley Street Standish Wigan WN6 0JN.

Charity Events Host Wigan

With little planning, this event was quite hard for me to host, but as any good host we can wing it on the day. Preparation and running order of events was not given to me prior to the event so on the day after setting up we went to organise it with the organisers.

We still did not really have a clue, Janice had done a standish quiz. live streaming movie Bleed for This

There was a raffle, which dragged on when everyone wanted to drink and get drunk and have a great dance. (so we skipped half of it till the end but by the end everyone was that drunk they did not really care about the prize and most had lost their raffle tickets) they were just happy donating.

There was a singer, who assumed he could just plug into my sound system, which I would have allowed only because I DID NOT WANT THE NIGHT TO GO WRONG. However I did not have the right Mixer for him to use, so he spent the next 2 hours going through his friends who could lend him one, when he finally got one, he sang some great songs, BUT knowone danced and he just passed it through to me, and finally I got my chance to shine and rocked the dance floor.

I did my best worked with what I was given and the night was a success (party wise) thanks to me.

The event was a huge success anyway thanks to the team of organisers who raised a fortune for their charity and will be put to very good use.

I Know I will see them all again next year ?

To book someone good, competent and worthy of making your charity event great (musically and hosting) my numbers above and we’ll have a great time.