Cheap DJ Ruins £15,000 Wedding Reception

Why not to hire a Cheap DJ

How much do DJs Charge?

Today’s post is about a wedding that happened this weekend, Although I was not in attendance I had a previous client who was attending. He was sending me text messages and images via the mobile and uploading to facebook about this Cheap DJ who he was forced to listen to.

The Bride and Groom, had booked a Cheap DJ to do there evening wedding reception. We got told £150 was the price they paid for him. We will have a look at booking the Cheapest DJ verses bringing in a Professional Wedding DJ.

To start off I am shocked. They paid in total £15,000 for the wedding of there dreams. All the bells and whistles, marquee, 200 people dining, £500 on a cake, £3000 dress, black and white dance floor.

Now every single time a person calls me, the first question is, How Much Do you Charge? or What’s your Price? People shop for DJs the same as they do for products. For example,  food shopping, when shopping for Branston Beans (prices used as an example not the actual prices) in Morrisson’s is £1 a tin, Tesco £80p Asda £75p and Home Bargains its £40p, its the same tin of beans your buying which ever shop you go to. So we buy the cheapest, its second nature, cheapest is best value for money because otherwise we are being ripped off or overpaying.

The problem with using the same formula for different types of bean is, you could not do a price comparison between Sainsbury’s basics and taste the difference because you get a different quality of bean. DJs are not all the same, We have different levels of Experience, work attire, equipment presentation, equipment quality in general, customer service, and are we doing it for a hobby or for a living. Prices vary massively between the industry but usually for a good reason. You cant measure a DJs quality on price alone, you have to fully vet a DJ before entrusting them in your big day and have a suitable budget in mind.

If you don’t measure them by the basic means available to you, when interviewing and investigating your DJ. You have plenty of things to look at and consider; website quality, images, what your event will look like, previous customer testimonials, how they interact with you and level of experience. If you pay a cheap price you could end up with,

Cheap DJ Cheap DJ Ruins £15,000 Wedding Reception Cheap DJ ruins Expensive Wedding1

I’ll be honest this DJ should stay in a pub or social club residency with the other cheap DJs not accepting jobs as a Cheap DJ for parties as he simply isn’t worthy of such an event (I do suspect even with his equipment and ability (from what I was told) the Pubs who can only afford really cheap DJs due to budget constraints and popularity would not want him.

Without me being picky about things like taping leads down and hiding cables to smarten up the image while working. The main things I notice are
1) His Speakers are too small for a 200 capacity venue, the fact that its a marquee means he would need double the sound for a normal 200 capacity party because you loose alot of sound through the roof.
2) Where are his lights? Oh he has a small cheap maplin flashing bulby thingy (that’s the technical term for it, because they are that pathetic they don’t deserve to be called a disco light) and just one of them very minimalistic (with a hint of sarcasm).
3) He is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, again most us DJs would be in a suit and tie at a wedding.
4) Even though he is a cheap DJ it only costs a couple of quid to hide the table he is using which in turn makes it look a little bit better presented.
5) He even forgot to have his speakers at the same hight. Oh well you get what you pay for when looking for cheap DJ packages.

When paying the correct money for a DJ you can get something like this,

Quality Wedding DJ Cheap DJ Cheap DJ Ruins £15,000 Wedding Reception Front Red

This is exclusive to me, I built it from ground up, now a lot of DJs make their kit look tidy using different things, some star cloths, some illuminated booths, some truss, some deck stands and covers, if you notice with mine.
1) Correct Sized speakers for the Venue (and I have bigger ones for larger venues up to 600 people seated) also the nasty speaker stands are covered with spandex and up-light to make them a focal point.
2) the whole thing lights up, with lights to cover the dance floor and the room.
3) Dressed in a suit and tie.
4) no table in sight.
5) Speakers at the same hight.

Ok Agreed the difference in price is nearly triple that of this Cheap DJ however you do only get married one and it should be compulsory a night to remember for the RIGHT reasons! The other negatives about hiring a cheap DJ are the perception of a wedding, Brides Remember the Dress, Grooms Remember how beautiful there wife is. The guests remember that too but they also remember the Night Party and if they had a good time or not. Its the main event of the EVENING.

Day time is for family, seeing their daughter/son, best friend, cousin, uncle, auntie getting married is a beautiful thing which everyone will remember, they wont remember the little things. For example; cake, table decorations, balloons, flying owl carrying the rings, ice sculpture, name tags, chair covers etc.

BUT they all WILL remember, 1) Drinks Prices 🙂 and 2) Quality of Entertainment provided.

I hope I have provided an insight into the art of DJing, and hopefully you wont fall victim to a unprofessional, inexperienced DJ who makes your wedding day a night to remember for all the wrong reasons.

If your looking for a quality wedding dj who will do a fantastic job for YOU, give me a call on the numbers at the top of the page.