Childrens Entertainment Accrington

Childrens Entertainers Accrington

Welecome to my blog, This topic is about a Job I did recently as providing childrens entertainment Accrington at Sparth House Whalley Road, Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire BB5 5RP I was booked for an All Day Party, which was a Celebration of Life Party, Christening and 4th Birthday Party all rolled into one.

Childrens DJ Accrington

Hired by Catherine Cookson & Michael Bolton (yes I know I could not believe it either, however she was not the famous Book Writer and he was not the Famous Singer) for their Daughter. The story behind and the reason for the celebration of life party was the Child Had Just been adopted by them so it was a special time for them to celebrate.

It was a a 2pm start and I was booked right the way through till 10pm. Wow such a long day, but I am quite used to these type of events.

Childrens Disco Accrington

So everyone arrived, and I went around and spoke to the children telling them were all going to be playing some games soon and did they want to win some prizes and take part with them they of course were very excited.

We had to wait around for buffet to be served as it was only 10 mins away.

Childrens Entertainment Accrington

After the buffet I got all the children sat around in a circle on the dance floor, we then light the cake and sang happy birthday before a game of pass the parcel.

Then we moved onto a game of musical bumps,

Had a Hula Hooping Competition.

Threw a Ball Through a Hoop Game

Then Taught them how to dance to, Superman, Hokey Cokey, Conga and Cha Cha Slide & Gangnam Syle,

As this point the children were flagging and We sat them down to do some colouring in.

Childrens Entertainer Accrington

This was only at 5pm, we had already lost some children earlier in the event and were down to about 30 adults. Realistically it should have been an early night, but because the party goers had paid the day rate, they had used my time to suit their needs which they have every right to.

To be honest for the next 4 hours I was stood around like a lemon, while the 5 people left were in the other room and I was reduced to a glorified CD player. Not bad to have your own personal DJ though 🙂

Eventually I got to go home and it was a great day and night till 5pm, stretched to 6pm and then to me slightly pointless 6pm-10pm but thats what you the clients wanted and I always stick to YOUR wishes.

When you want a Childrens DJ/Disco/Entertainer/Entertainment Provider to hire in the Accrington and surrounding area. I am here to be of service.