Children’s Entertainment Blackburn

Childrens DJ Blackburn

Today were going to be talking about another awesome Children’s Entertainment Blackburn Role I was employed to do recently. The Venue was at the Church and Oswaldwistle Cricket Club West End Ground, Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 4LP, and it was for Liam’s Christening the Happy Parents Chris and Kerry booked me for their Childrens DJ Blackburn.

Children’s Entertainment Blackburn

I have worked for the family 4-5 times this year, and friends another 5 times, they are baby making people and I love that. All the couples in the family are so special together its just the perfect happy family each and every time.

Between Birthday Parties, Kids Parties, Weddings I really have been a household name for them, the love the discount scheme, they love the entertainment, they love the job I do for them and most of all I am now a family friend. Which is great.

Children’s Entertainer’s Blackburn

Because I work for them so much I have to change it every time I am working for them as a Childrens Entertainer Blackburn, today was no exception.

We started as ever with Musical Bumps up until the buffet, I always milk this game, the kids love it and the adults like the comedy factor of what I do with it and the kids.

Then a Break for buffet, coming to the end of the buffet we played a bit of age appropriate music, Mary Poppins, Bob the Builder, Aqua, The Cartoons and then moved into me dancing with them to Black Lace.

Children's Entertainment Blackburn Children's Entertainment Blackburn Children's Entertainment Blackburn DJ Dancing Children

Just before we got them going, we were having a bop, Children’s Entertainment Blackburn is always a great time.

The Music Man I gathered all the Children up, made them go and get a parent or grandparent to come and join in for a song. Afterwhich we went with Superman, Hokey Cokey and some of the Adults stuck around, but if they were not dancing on the dance floor they were dancing in there chairs. It was now time for conga, and on our way around we had to gather people to join the conga in which some came up, most didnt but they had great fun watching us dancing around like fools. Next up were YMCAing and then Cha Cha Sliding, and by this point im nearly half dead and in need of a little rest from dancing.

Have a drink of my coke to get by sugar levels going again and then it was limbo time..

After we finished the limbo, the children were flagging so was time to do some colouring in.

Children's DJ Blackburn Children's Entertainment Blackburn Children's Entertainment Blackburn DJ Kids Drawing

Children’s DJ Blackburn, At the end of a tiring day nothing better than to relax and colour, There were more children but by the time I remembered to take a picture it was coming to the end of the arts and crafts session.

Hope you enjoyed your preview of events.

When you want someone to do a great job as a Children’s Entertainer Blackburn then I am the man for that job.

Children’s Entertainment Blackburn is brought to you by Childrens Disco Blackburn Richard Porter.