Childrens Entertainment Middleton

Christening Entertainment Middleton

Booked by Tom & Gemma to provide their Christening Entertainment Middleton for their son Ewan, at the Lancaster Health and Racquet Club, Heywood Old Road Middleton Manchester M24 4TH. Another superb day entertaining the kids.

Childrens Entertainer Middleton

Tom like most people was worried about booking a Mobile DJ, he had been to some Horrendous Christening & Childrens Parties before and did not want to make the same mistake as everyone else had. Fortunately I do give quite alot of information on my website where you can see me in action, before hand and after speaking with me knew, I was the right man for the job and would do a good job for him and his family.

As usual arrived well early to set up, the children started to arrive and ran to the dance floor to play with the balloons and I played with them to build up the relationship.

Opened and introduced myself getting all the children to make lots and lots and lots of noise..

Childrens Birthday Party DJ

Moving on by played Musical Statues and the children became my helpy helpers when they were out, last 2 was a boy and girl and did the who’s better boys of girls routine, oh my could they shout and scream.

Sat down for eating.

Hula Hoops came out for a hula hooping game, one or two got broke. Swines haha.

Time to get the parents involved, Kids go and get your parents and bring them back to the dance floor, if they wont come with you say is it because you dont love me. Gets them every time. Everyone came, we all danced to the great cheesy songs with party moves and I showed them all how to do it.

Christening Entertainer Middleton

Next game was limbo, and then finally sat them all down nice and quietly to colour in some pictures and chill out before they went home.

Another great day, and you can have one too by calling me on the above numbers.