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Childrens Party DJ Widness

Another fantastic Childrens Entertainment Hire in Widness, Cheshire. Booked again by Clare and Gavin for their son’s Cieran’s 7th Birthday Party at St Michaels Club, on St Michaels Road, Ditton Widness, Lancashire WA8 8TF.The best Kids Mobile Disco Widnes was about to experience.

Childrens Birthday Party DJ Widness

Cieran’s a great kid, he invited his whole school year and what a great party we managed to create for him, just the right mix of girls and boys and they were causing mayhem.

Mobile Disco Widness

Upon speaking to Cieran at the start of the party, I asked him what was his favorite game, he said tig haha, I cant play tig as there really is little or no structure or rules to the game, no winners etc, but what we did within the first 20 mins of His Party was get everyone warmed up ready, screaming, shouting and said ok the first game that Cieran wants to play is tig, I tigged Cieran and off they ran, with a couple of shouts, who’s IT and Quick RUNNNNN.. They had a great time playing tig and easy for me to orchestrate.

Childrens Entertainment Widness

It got round to game dieing down, so we got them all to bring over the balloons from earlier and for 3 mins had a game of who can keep the balloons up in the air the highest and the longest, sweets, medals and certificates were handed out.

Then time for a musical game, we went with bumps as its the most fun.

Break for Buffet, After Buffet Happy Birthday and Group Hug.

Mobile DJ Widness

Nana had a sweet treats table so we let them all get sweets.

Next we went onto dancing, Conga, Superman, Hokey Cokey, Macarena and Cha Cha Slide they all went crazy loving every minute of it.

Last Game LIMBO…….. Up, under over, down they went however they wanted to do it, we again gave out sweets, medals and certificates.

At the end I always announce any child who has not had a medal and a certificate to come and see me and we will sort them out.

Happy Children, Happy Parents. If you want that, or me, or just a great time at your next birthday party, call me.