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Christening DJ Bolton

Greetings people, and thanks for visiting my Christening Entertainment Bolton site! I cover all towns in Bolton, including Blackrod. Farnworth. Horwich. Kearsley. Little Lever. South Turton, and Westhoughton.

Christening DJ Bolton

I have a a small number of function types I specialise in and make sure I stand out and give something different from all of the other DJ’s/Entertainers in Bolton. Christenings are one of those function types where there is a huge gap in the market for quality entertainment. Plenty of DJ’s just view a Christening as quick money, blast quite a few tunes at you to get people dancing (rarely works) and go home afterwards rubbing their hands at an easy days work. That’s all good, but during recent years people don’t always want for a DJ during a christening these days.

Christening Entertainment Bolton

I am attempting to to help change all that. My Christening functions are constantly loads of enjoyment for the group and they are not mundane in any way. I come very well prepared with plenty of expertise and tools for the day ahead. Which is what makes me a great Christening Entertainment Bolton Supplier.

I carry my own sound system and several Disco lighting effects and fill the position of a typical Christening DJ Bolton, which I play music throughout the party at an reasonable loudness and not too loud both for children and adults alike.

Christening DJ Bolton

My view of a normal Christening Entertainment Bolton Party and surrounding areas:

Adults and children arrive at the venue; I’ve already filled the dance floor with balloons which gives early arriver’s children something to do; they either play with the balloons by themselves, with other family or fling them at parents or me. I encourage them to throw them and play catch with me as it builds a rapport for later on in the event.

Usually I would play a musical game with them. I.e., Musical Bumps and then we’ll have a break for buffet (around an hour into your event)

Soon after the buffet, I may get each of them at the front for introductions where they’re going to learn my name and the other children’s names that attend. Sometimes frequently brushed past, but is definitely an important part of growing up and the majority of the children will see each other again at other events and it’s nice to learn their names for future.

Christening Entertainment Bolton

Following the social interaction, we move into an activity of Giant Twister. Trying to explain the rules is difficult enough and them using the game is even more amusing. Always a barrel of laughs and keeps the children entertained.

When we finally have everybody out and given sweets to runners up and bubbles to the winners, we’ll start some dancing. I’m an exceptional Dad Dancer and teach them all the moves to many favourite songs such as Macarena. YMCA. Music Man and Hokey Cokey etc. For our first song, I’m going to have the children to bring up parents to join in and then, the mums and dads are excused assuming they want to be while Christening Entertainment Bolton continues for the next hour or so.

Christening Entertainment Bolton

Determined by age group, I will usually play a ball and hoop game, just as simple as throw a ball through the hoop but everyone from age 3 up usually takes part and it keeps them engaged with competitive games which get more difficult because the levels go up.

Then another musical game – Musical Statues. This is always funny as the children keep in mind the rules for musical bumps and some continue playing that game even though we have changed over.

Other games I can play based upon times: Limbo. Team games. Space Hopper Races (after the red tape risk assessments and parental consents, (Safe practices gone mad) just like a Sack Race. Hoola games, and throwing a disc onto target games.

When the event is ending, about One hour before, I sit every one of them down in a spot within sight of parents and provide out the colouring pads and crayons. I have got all the favourites like, Hello Kitty. Peppa Pig. Buzz Lightyear. Iggle Piggle. Thomas the Tank Engine, Harry Potter and many others.

Don’t leave it too late, call me now to book your Christening Entertainment Bolton and it will be a pleasure for me to be your Christening Entertainer Bolton. Call today so you can get your date in my diary.

Christening Entertainment Bolton, Is brought to you by DJ Richard Porter, for all your Christening DJ Bolton needs.

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