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Christening Entertainment Manchester

Christening DJ Manchester

Greetings everyone, and welcome to my Christening Entertainment Manchester page! I cover the whole of Manchester M, Postocdes, including; Salford. Worsley. Trafford park. Blackley. Swinton. Eccles. Prestwich. Whitefield. Pendlebury. Ashton-under-lyne. Denton. Middleton. Stretford. Sale. Didsbury. Fallowfield. Altrincham. Cheadle. Hyde. Rochdale. and many more, I act as an Entertainer and Christening DJ Manchester all in one service.

I have a few event types I concentrate on and make sure I excel in and offer something different from all the other DJ’s/Entertainers in Manchester. Christenings are one of those events where there is a huge gap in the market. Not many DJs are very good at it, they just see a Christening as easy money, blast a few songs at you to get people dancing (rarely works) and go home afterwards. If that was me I would be disheartened and quit, I always like to walk away knowing everyone has had a great time and exactly what they wanted out of the event.

Christening DJ Manchester

The problem with Christening DJs behaving in such away means now less and less people are thinking of a DJ at a christening as dont see what we can do. Christening DJ’s are not meant to just play music, they are meant to be the host of the event, be FRIENDLY, talk to people, listen to what they want, play their music if they ask, keep the kids occupied, Smile, create the right atmosphere and just generally be good at his job.

Christening Entertainment Manchester

Which is why I am hoping to help change all that. My Christening parties are always loads of fun for the entire family and are not boring in the slightest. I come PREPARED with plenty of christening games and experience for the day ahead. Which is what makes me a great Christening Entertainment Manchester Supplier. I do a good job.

I come with my own professional sound system and some Disco lights and fill the role of a Christening DJ Manchester, with which I play music through the event at an appropriate volume and not too loud because people want to talk, auntie Nora and uncle bob have probably not seen your mum and dad or you and want to catch up without having to shout so the music cant be too loud for either children and adults, it will ruin the social experience.

Christening DJ Manchester

My view and the formula I use for a typical Christening party in Manchester and surrounding areas:

Adults and children arrive at the venue; I have already filled the dance floor with balloons to give the early arriver’s children something to do; they either play with the balloons on their own, with other children or fling them at parents or me. I encourage them to throw them and play catch with me as it builds a bond for later on in the event and they WILL take part in most of the christening games.

Usually I will play a musical game with them I.e., Musical Bumps and then we’ll have a break for buffet (about an hour into the event)

After the buffet, I will bring them all to the front for introductions where they will learn my name and the other children’s names that attend. Sometimes quite often brushed past, but is a very important part of growing up and most of the children will see each other again at other family events and it’s nice to know their names for future.

After the social interaction, we move into a game of Giant Twister. Trying to explain the rules is hard enough and them following the game is even funnier. Always a barrel of laughs and keeps the children occupied.

Once we have everyone out and given sweets to runners up and bubbles for the winners, we’ll move onto some dancing. I’m a great Dad Dancer and teach them all the moves to many favorite songs such as Macarena. YMCA. Music Man. Hokey Cokey, cha cha slide and many more. For the first song, I will get the children to bring up a parent to take part and after that, the parents are excused if they want to be.

Dependent on age group, I will usually play a ball and hoop game, just as simple as throw a ball through a hoop but everyone from age 3 up can take part and it keeps them engaged with competitive games that get harder and harder as the levels go up.

Then another musical game – Musical Statues. This is always funny as the children remember the rules for musical bumps and some continue playing that game even though we have changed over.

Christening DJ Manchester

Other games I can play dependant on times: Limbo. Team games. Space Hopper Races (after the red tape risk assessments and parental consents, Health and Safety gone mad), same as a Sack Race. Hoola games. and throwing a disc onto target games.

As the event is ending, about 1 hour before or when the children start flagging, I sit them all down in a location within sight of parents and bring out the colouring pads and crayons. I have all the favourites like, Hello Kitty. Peppa Pig. Buzz Lightyear. Iggle Piggle. Thomas the Tank Engine. Harry Potter and many more.

Parents often say to me, oh my child wont colour in at home and yet they sit nice and quietly for you. What you have to remember is the social experience, kids like to do things with other kids as a group, kids dont like to sit on there own in a corner and colour in in silence.

The experience with me is all that and more of a Good Dad, A Nursery Minder, A Glorified Baby Sitter, a early learning teacher, a support worker and a new friend. I stay at an adult level, and there is no need to become a child myself, but everything is elaborate and positive with high 5’s and WOW and COOL. To keep in spirit of the fun atmosphere for them and social interactions.

Keep the kids happy and the adults can chill out and relax and be happy too. They get to watch ME making a idiot out of myself and gives something for the adults for the silent times and always a conversation starter “Look at what the DJ is doing now”, “Awww arnt the kids cute bouncing round or hula hooping” it carries the day to a success.

Christening DJ Manchester

Let me Make it a Success, Dont waste your time with a useless DJ/Entertainer because they are cheap, pay a affordable rate, a acceptable price and price that keeps me motivated to do a great job for you and you will not be disappointed, 100% of my effort goes into each and every event for you my employer to be proud and say i’ve done a great job and that is how I get job satisfaction.

Don’t leave it too late, call me now to book your Christening Entertainment Manchester and it will be a pleasure for me to be your Christening DJ Manchester. Call now to get your date in my diary.