Christening Entertainment Newton LE Willows

Christening DJ Warrington

Well another week and another christening entertainment newton le willows to write about, Every week I am on a christening and I can after the 10 years of doing them and having the balls to do so, finally Guarentee the Kids will have a great time and the adults will all comment on how good I am. (not me being egotistical but every Christening & Communion event I am told this)

Today I was booked by Claire at St Patrick’s Social Club 111 Common road, Newton-le-willows, WA12 9JH for their Son Alex’s Christening.

Christening Entertainer Newton-Le-Willows

It followed a similar path to most of my christenings we waited for the children to arrive.

Coming in in drips and drabs, about 20-25 mins in, I was playing Balloons with them all having a great time.

We had some time before the buffet so I gathered them round, got them all excited screaming and shouting for games and sweets and medals and then we played musical bumps. At the close we had a boy v’s a girl and did the time old who’s better boys or girls routine.

Break for buffet the kids eat first, they also had an ice cream cart there great idea as it was such a hot sunny day.

They came back and we brought the kids up and the kids got their parents up too for us to do some dancing to some of the best songs of the ages.

We then had a hula hooping compertition and afterwards played limbo.

They won lots of medals & certificates, they all had a great time but because of the heat they were flagging. So I sat them all down and we did lots and lots of colouring in.

When you want your kids occupied and you want the adults chilled, giving them something to watch (me being an idiot on the dance floor with the kids) and just a great event. Call me number up the top.