Christening Entertainment Warrington

Christening DJ Warrington

What do I love nothing more to do on a Sunday, I love Christening Entertainment Warrington, this time it was for Jonathan Hill and Louise Smith, We were at St Oswalds Parish Club in Padgate Warrington.

Christening Entertainment Warrington

Another lovely Sunday afternoon, like most of you looking at this Jonathan found me through google, took the time to read the information that I provide and booked accordingly. He knew from looking at my website I would do a great job for him, and his family and he was not disappointed.

A nice short Christening job, just as they are meant to be done with 3 hours of Kids Entertainment Warrington, Music for the adults and children and a nice relaxing afternoon for all the adults with the children occupied with me running round like headless chickens on the dance floor.

As usual, all of Jonathans and Louises guests loved it, took loads of my business cards and two people booked on the day for Birthday Parties.

There was this acoustic child, who I had to spend a little bit more time with explaining the rules and getting him in position, to which his parents loved that I actually took the time out to help him play better with the other children. To me thats just my job, regardless of challenging behavior, regardless of disability lets all have a great time.

Its an absolute pleasure being a Christening DJ and Entertainer because I get on with children and can come down to there level (good dad skills) the bond thats created means future events are always looked forward too for loads more games and excitement.

When hiring a Christening or Childrens Entertainer in Warrington consider me, I will never let you down and all the kids will have the best time and will be another successful party to my string of superb childrens entertainment bow.