Christening Entertainment

Christening Entertainment

Welcome to my Christening Entertainment Page, I Cover all Northwest areas including Cumbria, Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire and Liverpool

Congratulations! You have been through the birth and endless nights of sleep deprivation and night feeds (I know my son was born on 24/03/2009) you’re now welcoming your child and introducing him to GOD and making him/her one of his children too.

All of this is well and good, but what you need afterwards for a few hours is a Christening Party. Everyone is all dressed up and some people have not seen each other for years and need to socialize. Bringing everyone together is what you need to have, and an afternoon Christening Party is perfect. Many people have Christening Parties and I can’t think of a better excuse for one than a Christening.

My Christening Entertainment can be hosted and entertained two ways depending on your circumstances. The first one that is suitable for mainly Adults is a Christening Disco or DJ to play the type of music you want to hear at a level that won’t burst your guests’ eardrums.

Christening Entertainment

The second is suitable for when many children are in attendance. I bring a PA system with me to play Christening Music throughout the day, alternating for children and adults. Of course you can choose all the Christening Music if required (I always work on the basis “it’s your event and I am paid to do what YOU want”). This formula works for me and has been very successful for me at all Christening Parties I have entertained.

I provide dance floor balloons and as soon as the children arrive, the first thing they grab is a balloon or two and terrorise their family and friends or even me, the DJ.

Christening Entertainment

I am a Children’s Entertainer and keep the children entertained by way of musical games (Musical Bumps and Musical Statues). I play non-musical games with them like children’s team building exercises, which include running, throwing, and catching. I get the children interacting with each other so if they did not know the other child before the Christening or Baptism Party they know them by the end of the Christening Party.

Christening DJ

I also teach them party dances, which they will use and need throughout their childhood including. Dances include The Music Man, Superman, YMCA, Cha-Cha Slide, etc. As a cool down after lots of fun and excitement, I take the children to a designated table and colour in pictures with them and if they want to play some more games after that then they can instigate play.

Christening Entertainment christening entertainment Christening Entertainment Dancing with the Kids

This Picture was taken at a quiet christening, but that does not mean I am quiet, we still have a great time regardless.  I don’t take pictures at christenings for various reasons, parental consent etc, but there was a professional photographer at this one and he had already gained it. The Image was taken by professional photographer James at Facey Media. You can imagine If I am on the dance floor with the kids, it gives all the parents and adults something to visualise and enjoy watching that bloke making a fool out of himself, and that is my job.

Christening DJ christening entertainment Christening Entertainment Dancing With The Kids Purple

The whole objective is to make sure that: first, the children have a great, enjoyable time and: secondly, the parents can spend some time socialising and doing what they want to do without worrying about the children as they are in the same room, in a safe place and in safe hands.

Christening Entertainment

I have been a Christening DJ and Christening Entertainer for over 15 years and receive many enquiries. My diary is on a first come first serve basis, so get in contact NOW to save your place and guarantee a great time.

To find out more information about myself, please have a look at Christening DJ and Entertainer’s About Us Page or Contact me now to check availability on 07792233440 alternatively use my Contact Us Form and I will call you back.

It will be a pleasure providing your Christening Entertainment and I hope you will book me to be your Christening DJ