Christmas Party DJ Wigan

Christmas Party Mobile Disco Wigan

Its December and the time for Christmas parties, What I usually do is fill up with Winter Wonderland Weddings and the rest of December is filled with Mobile Disco Agency Christmas Party DJ Wigan Jobs, this time I was at the Wrightington Hotel on Moss Lane Wrightington, Wigan, Lancashire WN6 9PB 01257 425803

Christmas Party DJ Wigan

The access for this venue was great, I was based for that evening in Blazers the larger of the two function rooms, and we had a whopping 199 people in for Christmas Party Dinner and Party afterwards. Many of the people there were leisure club members.

Christmas Party DJs are really easy jobs, everyone wants to have a great time get really drunk and have loads of fun with their work mates, this party was no exception.

Early on, we did the usual Xmas background Music, followed by a few choice songs for myself to see what type of crowd I had in front of me to which soul music was the leader with everyone dancing around the tables while eating their Christmas dinner.

Just before I could come on and make the Christmas party, we had a beyonce tribute who was great. Superb body, superb voice super singer HOWEVER wrong crowd, beyonce’s pretty specialist you either love her or are not overly keen.

Turns out most were not overly keen and had her thrust upon by the hotel. Because they were leisure club members they got the date given and had not choice of any other dates.

After beyonce they were just ready for me, ready for some great party songs, and ready to have a really good time. I did not disappoint and had them up dancing from the get-go another great night with the help of a great Christmas party DJ Wigan.