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Corporate Entertainment, Covering all North West areas including Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Manchester & Liverpool

Greetings party organisers, Senior Managers & Directors alike!

If you are conducting an Awards Ceremony or any other event, where you need the use of a PA and Sound System, using my equipment is included in the Price.

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Events & Parties simply have to be the most entertaining parties a DJ gets to work. All the office politics are forgotten and everyone is just up for a good time, whether it be the sales force the administrators or senior management. Over the past few years I have worked for various organisations such as UNITE the union, Lancashire Evening Post/The Gazette (regional newspapers), Countrywide Group (Financial Services & Estate Agents), Spar (retail outlets) and McDonald’s just to name a few of the larger ones. (Primarily booked at the larger hotels, venues and conference halls.)

What I have been receiving since that gloomy day in September 2007 when the recession hit was that these parties started becoming more infrequent, (understandably so) but what has taken a turn is companies being more inventive to entertain there staff. Office parties in training rooms or empty floors of their buildings or in retail outlets after hours, reduces the cost of expensive hotels and sit down meals. Opting instead for buffet and alcohol from the off-license sometimes paid for by the company, other times paid by the staff. Some of these corporate office parties have made it so affordable that the companies are doing something different for their staff every month, at month’s end and the employees appreciate anything that is free from their employers so is a win-win situation.

I am quite happy to set up and work anywhere you require, from a hotel function to a conference centre to the back of a shop or warehouse. I can liaise with you about the type of party you want, i.e., do you want party games and team building or just a good night of music and making sure your staff has a great night.