Disco Mobile has the photo booth bug

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Disco Mobile has the photo booth bug

The photo booth phenomenon has taken the entertainment world by storm over the past few years and here at Disco Mobile we like to keep on track with all the latest entertainment crazes.
History of the photo booth

The photo booth has evolved a great deal. It has come a long way from the first ever photography machine which was built by a French inventor called T. E Enjalbert in 1889. It was such a revolution at the time that it was shown at the Paris world fair. It was a year later that a patent was filed in America and the photo booth started to grow in popularity. In these early days of photography these incredible machines were unreliable and difficult to run.

In 1925 in New York City, the first automated photo booth appeared. They became widely used as a way to take photographs of straight faced individuals. The machines took 25 cents and took 10 minutes to develop 8 photographs. In today’s standards of instant photography it sounds slow and cumbersome but it was so revolutionary that 280,000 people used this first New York machine in just 6 months.

The photo booth of my child hood

When I was a kid, I loved nothing more than going into town on a Saturday afternoon and coming home with 4 photos of me and my mates larking around and pulling silly faces. With today’s selfie generation, all armed with digital camera phones, other than taking passport photos, the photo booth of my youth is pretty much redundant.

The party revolution of the photo booth

Fast forward to 2008; Google began to record party photo booth as a trend. The world of photography, technology and entertainment has completely changed the use of photo booths. They are now a party entertainment must have and will bring a sense of fun and playfulness to your event that will enable your guests to capture their memories in a truly unique way.
When you ask anyone planning a party what they want for their event, most people will say they want their guests to remember it as an awesome event! Party photo booths are a perfect way to offer something special. Your guests will be kept entertained for hours with the props including wigs, masks and costumes. They will be able to take endless fun and exciting photos of themselves that will help them to capture the memory of your party forever!

Photo booth with Disco Mobile

You can hire a party photo booth for any event; weddings, birthdays, corporate events, prom parties, kid’s parties or anything else you want to remember! Here at Disco Mobile, you can hire the photo booth as an additional feature to my entertainment package. Alternatively you can hire it as a standalone feature.
When you hire a party photo booth through me you get a staffed aluminium booth that is draped in black velvet curtains. You even have the option to change the back drop colour if you want one to match your own colour scheme. It has its own internal up lights with a top quality camera and PC which touch screen features that are easy to use – even if you have had a few drinks beforehand!

Photo booths are growing in popularity all the time, there are companies set up that provide just this service and will charge you a standard £450 for the pleasure; if you book through me, DJ Richard Porter, you get the same incredible feature for your party but for £350. This means that if you wanted to add the additional features such as a personalised colour schemes and it still be cheaper than my competitors.

Another bonus to hiring a photo booth through Disco Mobile is that you can get as many copies of the photos as you want. Other companies offer you only one photo for every visit. A CD of all the photos will also be given to the hirer and all photos can be added to facebook and tagged to your page.

Photo booth stardom

A photo booth (nick named the “Selfie Pod”), was a major popular feature at the 2014 BAFTA awards. Stars such as Cate Blanchett, Alfonso Cuarón, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Barkhad Abdi, Steve Coogan, and even Oprah Winfrey embraced the joy of the photo booth. If you want your party to be as exciting as the BAFTA’s and for your guests to feel like stars in their own right then call me to bring some celebrity style to your event.

Be part of the revolution in entertainment; hire a party photo booth for your event today!