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Greetings, Cumbria thanks for stopping by my DJ Cumbria page, this is more of a directional page to the type of events you are looking for.

I cover the whole of Cumbria, but near side to me, Windermere, Kendal, Carlisle etc as it is under 1 hour drive is included in the normal rates, once it goes over that 1 hour, I have to add expenses onto your event.

As a DJ in Cumbria I cover loads of roles, from Birthday Parties, Engagement Parties, Corporate Events, but as always with me my most popular events and the events I have a great reputation doing are Christenings and Weddings in Cumbria area.

DJ Cumbria

DJ Lancashire, Manchester, Cumbria, Merseyside and Yorkshire DJ Cumbria DJ Cumbria dj richard

Both event types are great fun, Christenings I play lots of games, keep the children occupied all afternoon so the adults can relax socialise and have something to watch (me dancing round like an idiot). It saves the parents from the kids saying, “I’m bored can we go home now” your kids are never bored on a wedding I keep them all busy for most of the afternoon with activities and games.

Weddings, well I work weddings in 2 ways, one as what would call a “normal” wedding disco, doing a great job for you incorporating your favourite music and making sure your guests are all having a great time. Secondly I can create special moments and achieve your dreams and objectives for the evening, with wedding entertainment planning making sure its engaging, interesting, and most of all fun and exciting. I take your idea’s offer my own ideas and together we can make your perfect wedding reception.

While looking for a DJ Cumbria, It would be a pleasure for me to be of service. I always do a great job and the job that you want of me. Dont settle for anything less than the DJ Richard Porter experience.