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Well finally got round to writing about the last couple of weeks events. Were in the height of wedding DJ Preston season and a day off from planning and entertaining weddings is unlikely, but I love it. This event was held at Barton Grange Hotel, In Barton just outside of Preston. I was hired by the Usman Family to provide Childrens Entertainment and Disco for their Son Rayyan’s Birthday party. The event was loads of fun read more to find out exactly what we were up to.

Mobile Disco Preston

Well the first thing I noticed there were very few children at this childrens party and I was like OH NO, I went and had a chat with all the children and realised they were all shy so again thought OH dear.

These 2 hours were the longest 2 hours of my life, I always work really hard to get the kids onside so we did a couple of really easy games, Keeping the Balloon in the air for the longest and Who can hit the most red spots from my lights etc.

Childrens Entertainers Preston

Those worked great, BUT then we came to the musical games they wouldn’t come up and play 🙁 so I went out and had a chat with them coaxed them to play and realised why they did not want to, NONE of them could dance.. Oh Dear…… Slightly different culture and my they were sheltered kids.

They would stand around waiting for the music to stop and then sit down. Fortunately we were not playing musical statues otherwise they would all have kept winning.

We then moved onto more none musical games and the adults joined in too, which was great fun. We did the limbo and then had a hula hooping game.

All in all the kids had a great time, but fortunately there were some fun loving adults as well helping the day along.

When you want someone who works his backside off to make sure you have the best DJ Preston I am here.