DJs sitting down on the Job?

This is a time old question, that some of us see and notice, about the current entertainment we have on a party, be it a Wedding, Birthday Party, Christening, Kids Party, or just in the local pub.

Or how about this one

Now understandably my options do not reflect anyone with a Disability, or anyone with a genuine reason for not being able to stand up for the duration, but surely lazyitus is not an acceptable reason.

Personally it all boils down to one thing Laziness, sure I like most DJs am overweight a little, its the 24 hour McDonalds, and buffets, eating at strange times and lack of exercise, but surely my laziness cant pass off while I am working!

When a DJ asked on one of the forums I regularly visit, If DJs should sit down and what is the best chair to do so on, one contributor took a similar view to me, “No all DJ’s who sit down should be shot in front of their families and excommunicated from the DJ community” Rob from Robstar Entertainments. Si Crane another well respected DJ said “When I need to sit I will be in a wheel chair” which is common theory with Professional Mobile DJ’s, If you want to do a good job, when you add xyz to the task in hand, your not as motivated or able to perform the task as well as you could do without the xyz, One of the xyz is DJs girlfriends which was another topic a while back.

Have you ever noticed a DJ who just sits down all evening? and What were your thoughts? or Are you a DJ who sits down and wants to speak up? Comments open below