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Christening Entertainment in Accrington Fun for all the Family

Another weekend another Christening where I was asked to be the Family Entertainer Accrington at the Peel Park Hotel on Turkey Street, Accrinton BB5 6EW. This time it was for Katherine and Martin for their son Riley.

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Well I dont want to bash on about how great this venue is for if your having an event in Accrington for under 70 people in the cold months and up to 200 people when the weather is nice using their massive outdoor area, but the welcome from Sue (mum of the Landlord) and David the Landlord is always a great one, just a nice family who are there to do what they can to accommodate your needs. Great little venue, have a look if you have never been before.

Katherine booked this venue because of one of my last blog posts, but found out if I was available first. I wont profess to being the cheapest or possibly the best (because I have not seen everyone else work) but if you look at my Kids & Family Entertainer Accrington Videos you will see I do a great job, because this is my Job. I dont do it for fun, I dont do it because I like it, I do it because I have talent, and the sense of Achievement with the amount of referrals I receive because I work hard AND it feeds my family and allows for the lifestyle I want to lead. Although sometimes me and the Mrs wish I had a 9-5 Job as the hours are constantly unsociable for us and my family but then I would be bored.

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We had a lovely day everyone had fun the children were occupied, the adults got to have a drink I gave away 10+ business cards and the day after received 2 more bookings if you want a successful entertainer at your event, call me im here to help.