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Q. What areas do you cover?


A. I am based in Preston and cover the Northwest including Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Liverpool. That does not exclude nationwide locations. I am quite happy to work anywhere.


Q. Do you play music for all ages?


A. I have a selection of over 30,000 songs to choose from. Starting from the 1920’s to the current top 40, so there will never be a problem musically.


Q. Will you play song requests?


A. Yes, we expect a list prior to the event of a few of your favourite songs to create a DJ Playlist. During the night your guests can ask for anything and we will try and fit them somewhere into the night. You have to bear in mind that it’s not always possible to play your song NEXT if the style of music is different at that time.


Q. The venue has their own resident DJ, why should I use you?


A. Some venues have a ‘Resident DJ’ who they try to insist upon their clients to use and this can be a big risk. Even some of the supposedly high-end venues just book the cheapest Disco they can find regardless of quality or performance, then charge double or triple that cost to you! However, more importantly your function is still not as successful as you hoped. Of course, some hotels have excellent Resident DJs but why take the risk of having someone you cannot meet or discuss your requirements with before your special day. Don’t be pushed into having who the venue want – it’s your event – you should have that choice! Check out my photo gallery to see what mobile DJ you’re booking in advance.


Q. Are you insured?


A. Yes, we have public liability insurance to the value of 10 million for your peace of mind.


Q. Is your equipment safe?


A. All our equipment has PAT (portable appliance tested) certificates and is regularly serviced.


Q. What equipment will you use?


A. This depends on the service booked, appropriate sound, lighting & video equipment will be supplied to your venue.


Q. When do we pay?


A. Deposit is required in advance and full payment is required in cash on the night.


Q. I’d like you to go on a bit longer than we booked you for… what do we have to do?


A. So long as the venue operators don’t mind and will allow it, then this is not a problem. Please take into account bars & venues have liquor & entertainment licenses with strict guidelines. If there is no problem, then just let me know within a couple of hours of the events end time. Overtime will be charged at a fixed agreed upon rate per hour or part thereof. This does not include additional cost of room hire for the venue operators. Please understand if the venue is found to be in breach of licensing laws then we are not held responsible for their actions.


Q. How long does it take you to set-up and when do you need access to the building?


A. It takes about 60 minutes to set up. This depends on the type of the event, access to the building and of course, other factors such as if there is more than one act at the event. Therefore, we ask for access at least 1 hour before the start of the event or before your guests arrive. Extra time is sometimes needed for equipment & safety checks.


Q. How do you dress?


A. Appropriately for the occasion.






Smart /Casual


Q. Do you carry back up equipment?


A. Yes we have sufficient backup equipment with us at all times should anything go wrong.


Q. How much do we charge and what are the mobile disco prices?


A. This depends on several factors. The date & time, the venue location, the amount of equipment we need to use, how many guests are coming and transport costs. Please call now to get a quote.


Q. Do you do this full time?


A. Yes our livelihood is dependent on giving you more than your money’s worth and we get most of our work through referrals of satisfied clients. You can see their comments on our testimonial page.


Q. Can I afford you?


A. Yes. We are not the cheapest in town but our prices are competitive. If you want a good quality sound and light system with a professional experienced DJ, then I feel it is worth paying that little bit extra I charge.


Q. Will you still be in business on our wedding day?


A. There is no reason for us to go out of business. We have little or no overhead and no debt. We only buy new equipment at a % of our earnings so we never overspend and will never go out of business. We do get a lot of phone calls from people informing us that there DJ has just packed up and is not willing to work. These unfortunately are the bad crop of entertainers, not professionals. They don’t really care and just do it to earn a fast buck with some equipment they bought off eBay. I have been in business for 15 years and will be for the foreseeable future, possibly the next 30 years. I won’t be quitting any time soon.