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We personally aim to give you top advice via website, and readily admit when there are better placed individuals and organisations who have the passion in their field as I do in mine.

So I would like you to introduce a company who has been awarded the title of Best Wedding Planner in the North West of England. This following post is from Better Together Weddings. (Please find below their contact information.)

Choosing the right wedding planner for you
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Let’s be honest, weddings are stressful! There are one million and one things to have to do and usually not much time to do it. It’s difficult fitting the endless research and meetings around your job, children and any other responsibilities you may have. That’s where we come in! Traditionally an American luxury, more British couples than ever before are turning to wedding planners to ease their wedding stress and make their day sparkle. A good wedding planner gets to know you as a couple, suggests ideas you hadn’t thought of, finds the best suppliers for your individual needs and ultimately makes your dream wedding a reality. A bad wedding planner can take over, disrespect your budget and end up making a fairly stressful day even more stressful! Choosing the right one is very important!

So as a planner from Better Together Weddings I am here to help you with your search for the right wedding planner for you.

1. Look through their website thoroughly

Since a lot of wedding planners are small businesses, their website is your first glimpse of their work and often their personality. Having a thorough read of the planner’s bio can tell you a lot about their background and objectives. Their passion and devotion to creating a bespoke service should show through on their website wording. It should be personal but professional. A list of detailed testimonials is always a good sign so read them carefully. Reviews are very telling! If the planner has an active blog as well it shows that they are extremely passionate about what they do and it’s not just a day job. We update ours every Wednesday!

2. Test the waters with relaxed phone call conversation

So one particular planner has caught your eye; you fill out their online booking form or better yet, give them a call to talk about your vision. At Better Together Weddings we first arrange a telephone meeting, which is usually a twenty min informal chat about you and what you have in mind. We go through things like where you were thinking of getting married, what style wedding you were imagining and tell you a little bit about us. You should be able to hear the enthusiasm in your planner’s voice and feel at ease talking to them. I say trust your gut instinct here; if you feel excited and listened to whilst on the phone with them, then it’s the first sign that you’re onto a winner. Now you can set a date for your first official consultation.

3. Book an initial consultation

Initial consultations should always be a free, informal, relaxed chat following on from the phone conversation you had with them. You shouldn’t have to repeat any details you said over the phone and if you do then that’s no good. As planners, we are naturally good listeners. During the meeting, you will be prompted to go into more detail about exactly what you want and the planner will help you form your ideas with some creative thinking of their own. Your planner will probably bring some testimonials and some magazines for you to flick through. At Better Together Weddings, we usually draw up a moodboard of images based on what you’ve told us over the phone as a rough sketch of what we had in mind so you can visualise it better.
This first meeting is as long as you want it to be but generally goes on for around two hours. It sounds like a long time but it sure does fly as you get to know each other and see if your personalities complement one another.
Your consultation really is the litmus test. If you come away feeling like you’ve found someone that can make your dreams come true and made a new friend then they are definitely right for you. If you come away feeling like it’s going to be hard work or feel like you have to compromise on far too much then maybe best to walk away.

4. Confirm your decision with a follow up

You’ve found the one! You have a great feeling about this planner – they seem to know exactly what you want and have a plan to achieve it. Following from the initial consultation, at Better Together Weddings we draw up a proposal document completely personalised to your wants and requirements. This can help you decide whether we’re the planners for you. Hopefully we are, so once you give us the okay, we can get started on making your wedding the most stress free, memorable day of your life!

I hope these tips help you find the right wedding planner for you. Thank you to Discosmobile for hosting this article.

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