Funerals to Remember

Send them off with style

Wow do you have a DJ at a funeral?

Short answer is NO, but I’m far from being Just a DJ!

What do we do at a Funeral?

Well we have two services both include a home visit to gather the required information we need to complete the job competently.

1st Service we offer for Funerals, is a Photo Montage of the deceased. We will come to your house and you would provide us with the photographs of His/Her Life, we will scan them into a computer at your house and take copies of the photographs, we will then bring the copies back to the office and turn them into a video slideshow. On the day of the Funeral we will arrive well in advance to set up the projection of that slideshow, throughout the funeral service and dismantle once everyone leaves. This can also be taken to the Wake venue and set up for throughout the wake for an additional fee.

Prices for this Service are £300, which includes the time spent at your address, the time spent to create your video slideshow, the time setting up and packing down at the venue. For the Wake add an additional £100 unless you require our hosting service too.

2nd Service for Funerals, is a Master of Ceremonies & Host, We come to your home and collect the deceased’s music collection, vinyl, Cassette, CD etc. We will ask you about various times of your life when certain songs have relevance, and special moments you may have shared with those attached songs. We will then armed with that knowledge at your wake play the music from the deceased’s collection, making relative announcements about those moments to remember and for that short period of time create the WAKE which will stand out in everyones mind knowing more about the deceased than before they arrived at the funeral.

For this service we charge £350 for a Maximum 3 hours at the Wake, Longer hours are calculated at £50 an hour.

You only deal with the same member of staff throughout to keep the personal relationship and understanding of the situation.

It would be a pleasure to be of service. We look forward to hearing from you.