Games Nights

Entertaining Games Nights for Hotels, Pubs, Residential Care Homes & Social Clubs

Well lets face it, We’ve all got complacent thinking entertaining people is all about singers, who quite frankly would not get through to the first stages on the xfactor. I cover the whole of the North west, including, Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn and surrounding areas.

I offer something completely different getting everyone from every age group involved.

By trade I am a Entertainer, and Games Show Host, which I do very successfully at weekends on Weddings, Birthday parties and Kids Entertainment but midweek, I have not marketed myself properly to the people would would like this kind of entertainment.

Hence my e-mail, and creation of this page.

This page is hidden from my normal clients because the discounts I offer you are huge in comparison to my private clients. Reason – You will give me regular work.

So what kind of things can I do for you!

All these activities can be amalgamated to make it a Games night, so it does not have to be one theme or activity.

Predominately I am a DJ/Entertainer, so Sound System and Music is included.

My evenings cover 3-4 hours at my standard prices, longer if required.

Bingo – not your normal run of the mill bingo, I have a machine that hooks up to big screen TVs to show the numbers, its also automated printing tickets so we know when a winner is in the room hence making it a Mecca type of set up.

Irish Bingo – Everyone gets a bingo ticket, stands up, if a number is called on their ticket they sit down, final person standing wins the prize.

Quiz Nights whether it be a music quiz, picture quiz or a full on evening quiz I cater for that with fun and enthusiasm

Race Nights
with horses, pigs, camels a Fun Race Night for every age group.

Play Your Cards Right – Higher or Lower with audience participation.

Sit Down Game Like Graham Norton, Sit down if you have white underwear on! etc

Rhyming and Relevance game – We say a word, go round every customer who has to say a word that rhymes with the previous word or is relevant to that word, it creates a laugh as people say such silly things.

Dependent on the age group we have lots of physical games, like space hopper races, mini clown bicycle races, sack races, egg and spoon, giant blow football, limbo the list is endless for these types of activities.

We have Big Screen Games, such as who wants to be a millionaire, wheel of fortune, jeopardy, family fortunes, Team Sports Games through the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect.

We have couples games, Mr & Mrs etc

We have dancing games etc..

We have giant games, like twister, Table Football, Jenga, Connect 4 etc

Its really down to your type of customer and we can formulate a plan to make sure they all have a great night of games and activities.

Current Evenings Availability is Monday, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

I charge £150 for 3 Hours and £200 for 4 hours, if I can plug into your equipment, Sound and Vision. If I have to set up my own Equipment including Big Screen TV’s Projector, Sound System then I have to add an Extra £50 onto that price.

It does however really make your guests want to come back for more.
If your a hotel, your coach parties would want to advertise this and increase the Yield for both of you as something New and Exciting.

If your a residential care home your residents would really appreciate something and someone doing something different with them.

If your a social club, your members would love something like this.

Dont delay contact me today, and I can come to you and discuss your games evening and see if we can formulate a plan of action.


Richard Porter