Gay Friendly Wedding Reception DJ

Gay Wedding DJ

Well, when you want one, there are none around!, I am a gay friendly wedding Reception DJ, who’s whole purpose is to make sure you and your guests have a great time, I am based in Preston, but cover the whole of Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Cumbria. I do go further afield but you will have to call me. So much time and effort goes into each and every event that sometimes its just not feasible for you or me, as before the end of the entertainment planning stage I wholesale football jerseys china will visit you three times to re-create your dream.

Whether your a Groom and Groom, or a Bride and Bride my job is to make sure we make memories, every reception I am hired to be the DJ on you will see the difference in my performance to others.

Before booking, I always like to sit down with each and every client and get YOUR vision, what do you want out of the event, how can I make it special for you, what can I do to make your dream wedding and Cheap nba Jerseys then I will show you what I can actually do. I don’t just play music that is only part of the job, I embrace the emotion, make it engaging, cater for every single guest over the course of the event, every guest Oakleys sunglasses Outlet will take away a different moment of what made your wedding special to them and bespoke it to your needs and wants and create your perfect gay wedding reception, the one that dreams are made of.

Gay Friendly Wedding Reception DJ

What do you expect from a gay wedding reception DJ?

We can sit down, have a cup of coffee, I dont do empty dance floors but in the same respect I don’t do what has become the “normal” wedding. I do interesting, well planned and organised, communicate with all the necessary people, provide idea’s on fun Cheap Oakleys things to do to make everyone go away from your event not understanding how the plan came together, but between me and you, we will know.

Call now to have a chat with me, I will even come round to your house for FREE, I wont pester you to sign anything, its Roll a sit back and relax let discuss your dream day.

I ONLY do 40-45 weddings a year, and I don’t book myself on as a Gay Wedding DJ the same weekend as yours, because after what I put into your event, if I did the same the day before my performance would not be up to standard and I cheap nfl jerseys would be tired, which is unacceptable in my ethos.