A Guide to Hiring Wedding Professionals

Hiring a Professional for your Wedding

The wedding professionals you choose to hire can make or break your wedding. Every single person you bring on board for your big day can have a substantial effect, no matter how big or small their job may seem to be. It is therefore crucial that when in the process of wedding planning, you take the time to make sure you make positive high quality choices. It is after all, the biggest day of your life and no decision should be taken lightly.

Weddings are big business; there is never a shortage of people available and willing to provide a service for you. There are good and bad vendors out there but even if you find a good one, you need to find out if they are really suitable for you. Every bride and groom want their wedding to be personal and one way to ensure this is to find vendors that suit your style and understand your vision. In this post I will give you wedding planning tips that will help you in your search for the superb!

Bridal Shows

When you start your wedding planning process, bridal shows are an excellent place to begin. It is only at an occasion like this that you can meet such a large amount of vendors all in one place. Many services are represented at bridal shows and it can be a great information gathering exercise. I personally would advise you not to book any services at a fair, if you are interested then make an appointment to meet them at a time when they can dedicate their time and attention just to you and you can focus on your phentermine wedding, without risk of being interrupted by other customers. If you are given the hard sell and made to feel in any way pressurized into making a booking then I would avoid them all together. All aspects of wedding planning should be a fun and pleasurable experience and if the service provider makes you feel any different, they are not worth the risk. I also personally question anyone who seems desperate for a sale. If they are that good then surely they should be confident they will get booked regardless of your choice?

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Ceremony and Reception Location

When you book your venue they may have a list of vendors that use their place regularly. When wedding planning, this may be useful because they will have service providers listed that are used to working at your chosen location. I would however, handle this list with caution. Don’t assume that because they are on this list that they are the best or the most suitable for you. There is a chance that the hotel will be taking a cut of the vendors’ fee for the recommendation. This means that the vendor is being paid less and that the recommendation is based on financial incentive and not quality. Like with any other service providers you consider, meet them before and get a measure of what they can truly offer. Certainly do not accept any automatic pre-booked in-house services. When you are offered this you will rarely have any control or even chances discuss your ideas with the vendors prior to the event.

Friends and Family

To get a truly honest recommendation the only people you can really trust is family and friends. If you don’t know someone in your immediate circle that has recently got married, try asking co-workers or even posing the question on social media. Ask them what vendors they used? What was there experience like? What they liked and what they didn’t like? What were the problems they encountered? Are there questions they would have asked or extra services they would have preferred? The big question of course is would they hire each of the vendors again? Listen carefully to your friends opinions but remember that your wedding will be different and what works for a friend may not work for you. Once again, I recommend meeting with the service provider and making your own judgment

The internet is how most people begin their wedding planning research. You can type in any service, question or query at any time of the day or night. Professional wedding vendors should each have their own well designed website. If they haven’t put the effort into making their page look attractive then I would question the effort they would put into your day. If they have a blog then spend some time “getting to know them.” It is a good way to research but like I have said before there is no substitute for a face to face meeting. These research methods just help you narrow down the search.

Local Bridal Magazines

When you first pick up a wedding local wedding magazine or directory you can feel overwhelmed by the amount of advertisements in them, all promising the best services. Don’t be put off, take your time and make a list of the vendors that appeal to you. Then call each of them; after you have done this you will find you are able to cross more off your list of possibilities. Those that do not appeal to you on the phone or do not offer the right personalized service can be eliminated. This will leave you with a much more manageable list of vendors to for you to arrange meetings with.

Wedding Planners/Consultants

If you are hiring a wedding planner or consultant then they are the first and foremost service provider that you need to select. Follow the same guidance as above and be absolutely sure of your decision before you hand over any money or place any responsibility in their hands. Once you have made your selection, they will have a list of vendors they regularly use and if they are good at their job they will help you to pick the vendor who can provide you with a bespoke high quality service. Even if you do not want to use a planner you can usually contact them and buy their list of vendors from them for you to explore personally.


Before you hand over a penny make sure you have a contract with each service provider. A contract is a written agreement between you and them that will ensure everyone knows what is expected. It will include details of the fee and payment deadline dates, time, date and venue of the event and any additional requirements. If a vendor has promised you something make sure it’s in the contract!

Any more advice, just ask, its never a problem.