How I Became A Wedding Specialist

How I Became A Wedding Specialist DJ

In 2008 I attended a Wedding for one of my best friends, at first I was offered the job as a DJ, but really I wanted to just sit back and enjoy myself as he was one of my best friends. I did give them some advice on booking a DJ and they took that very seriously. I had known and used (unknowing to me) before while working for Dave Ward Roadshows DJ’s that shall we just say were not fit for purpose and complaints came in and just did not know there Job.

So off this Bride and Groom went, in search of the “Perfect DJ”, I cant remember the DJ’s name now that they hired but knew they brought him in from Manchester and he cost 4 times the amount we would usually charge for a wedding. I was telling the Bride and Groom how he has ripped them off, you should never pay more than £xxx for a DJ.

Wedding DJ

The Wedding Came, This DJ arrives, his gear was ok (DJs are fixated by gear and brands of gear), he was suited and booted (which I thought was very professional as at the time I and my colleagues wore jeans and smart shirt to DJ in).

I thought it was odd, as they had the DJ for the ceremony in a church and just thought, whats going on? The Family were at the back of the room, with the Priest and next minute I heard “Chris Brown – Forever” and then the bridal party started dancing in 2’s down the isle and I sat back in amazement. Everyone was parting in the church, clapping hands and having a great time. What a brilliant idea this was going to be fun. When it came time for the Bride to walk down the isle the DJ swapped the record for the Bridal March and down she came with her father, everyone still clapping her along and it really raised the atmosphere and we were only into the early afternoon.

After the church service, we went to the rock gardens for photography, and took some lovely images. As we arrived at the Venue, The DJ was there already set up in the Bar Area playing some background music, with a photo montage of the Bride and Groom and Family in there younger days. It was time for everyone to take there seats in the Function Room as the Wedding Breakfast was about to begin.

Noticeably to me NONE of the Bridal Party had entered the room yet, they were all hanging around the entrance, The DJ was in the corner and I was thinking, ahh going to play a bit of background music, its better than a CD over and over again. The DJ asked if everyone could be seated as the Bridal Party were about to enter the room. Next thing I know, The Volume goes pretty loud to The Beatles – I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and the voice over was of the Bride introducing her Parents they come through dancing, everyone stands and starts clapping, Next Voice Over was the Groom Introducing his parents the same response people just getting really into the atmosphere, the song changes, to Shania Twain – Man! I feel like a woman, and the Brides voice again introducing her Bridesmaids, and Maid of Honour people still going mad in the room, the roof was lifted off with the volume of people cheering, Next Up The Song changes again to Run DMC – Its like that, the grooms voice introduces the Groomsmen and Best Man, and final song change is Kool and The Gang – Celebration and the voice over this time was the Bride and Grooms Parents Introducing the Bride and Groom, when everyone takes there seats, The DJ, announces the welcome and the during the meal Kissing Game, which as it was at a golf club, there was a mini putting green in front of the bridal table, the rules were, if you want to have a go, feel free, if you pot the ball, the bride and groom have to kiss (not the usual clinking of the glasses).

Wedding DJ

I had never seen anything in my working life as a DJ like this, it kept people entertained, engaged and was just more than a great disco which I was providing at the time.

Meal time was over, Speeches were finished, the Hotel require a room turn around to make the room look nice for the night time guests. Back to the bar area we go. The DJ must have been conversing with the photographer, because not only was it playing the images from before they were married and life images, it now had some of the wedding photos playing too, which was a nice touch. The DJ was playing this time, Rat Pack Style Music which was a nice change, everything he did had a different feel to it and/or a different music style, the bride also tossed her bouquet during this time.

The main room was re-opened, and we all headed back in there, music went off in the bar area and the DJ followed everyone though to the main room. The first half an hour, was new guests arriving and meet and greet. After that, the DJ called the Bride and Groom over, and had prepared the Bride and Grooms Love Story. Which lasted about 15 mins and was truly magnificent the way he delivered it, a very good public speaker and reciter. After which he gathered everyone around for the cutting of the cake, and moved one of the chairs to the other side of the dance floor, After the cake was cut, he introduced the serenade of the Bride, in which the groom had to do a dance to impress his new wife before the first dance, it was hilarious and everyone was clapping and joining in.

After that song was finished it was time for the Bride and Grooms First Dance, the execution was perfect, half way through the Bride and Groom wanted to invite there friends and family onto the dance floor to join in the celebration, after which he played 3-4 more songs and everyone danced before the buffet.

20 minutes into the buffet, the DJ once again had a few words to say while people ate, he had pre prepared questions and answers for the Bride and Grooms family. Top tips on a Happy Marriage etc which was just funny, engaging, lovely and a great addition to a time when its usually quite boring.

Buffet was over, everyone was now wanting to party, but the DJ had other plans to create the atmosphere even more, he brought up the Bride and Groom to a quick game, called the shoe game, where by he asks questions such as who loves the other one more? and who hogs the duvet? after asking about 5 or 6 he then went out into the audience for them to ask questions, and some of the most random questions were given to the bride and groom to answer.

After the shoe game, it was now time for the party the DJ had set up with the best man, something to do that was funny which would automatically get people up on the dance floor with him, the best man was a bit of a Michael Jackson wannabe, so the best man already had a costume, (while the shoe game was taking place, he had got changed) and came out onto the dance floor with his best Michael Jackson moves, 1/3rd of the way into the song, he went out and grabbed people from the audience to get up and dance with him which filled the dance floor, and they dance floor stayed packed all night.

Watching this in action, made me think, actually this is what I want to do, I want to create Memories, brilliant times and provide so much more than just a great disco.

This is why I created my own version, working along side Bride and Grooms to give them something MORE than just a Wedding Disco.