Kids Party DJ Lancashire

Kids DJ Lancashire

Kids Entertainment Lancashire

Today’s Blog Post is abut a job recently where I was hired to be a Kids Party DJ Lancashire, or to be more specific, Kids Party DJ Ormskirk. It was Mr & Mrs Cranham’s son Riley’s 1st Birthday.

Kids Party DJ Lancashire

I have previously worked for Mr & Mrs Cranham, When Riley Was christened, at the time I provided Christening Entertainment Lancashire for them and we had such a good time at the christening, I’ve been brought in again to do the same for the Kids Birthday Party Disco.
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Kids Party DJ Lancashire

The event was being held at the Ormskirk Parish Church Hall, It was an excellent sized room for a kids party, a nice interior, not tired and worn like most, and a friendly and welcoming attitude from the caretaker. The only issue was I had to go round the one way system twice as I missed the turn offs 🙂 grrr one way systems.

Kids Party DJ Lancashire

They had also hired some soft play equipment which was great, some of the children were a bit young to play the party games. So they could sit in the ball pool and mess about to their hearts content, but mind out grandad if you get in they will all get you.

Kids Party DJ Lancashire

We started the party with a bit of dancing exercises to all the favourite kids classics, YMCA, Music Man, Agadoo, Hokey Cokey and then led to dancing competition to which they all danced their little socks off to everyday i’m shuffling – LMFAO, it was soo cute and funny all the parents had a right giggle.
I had about 12 children I could play games with, so we moved onto musical bumps. The buffet was going to be in 10 mins so I dragged this out a little bit to finish when the buffet was ready and available.

Buffet Lasted for 20 mins, and it even had jelly and ice cream 🙂 yum, luckily, Kelly remembered my passion for cake and all things sweet, and I was well looked after.

Once all the children finished eating it was game time again, this time opted for musical chairs, I dont usually play musical chairs, because every venue I work has big bulky chairs, or not enough of them, but the Ormskirk Parish Hall had plenty.

We then moved onto, aim and agility training, throwing balls through a hoop, in which the levels get harder and harder. Its not as easy as it looks, and all the kids love the game.

Next up dodge ball, because there were no glasses it was safe to bring out the soft footballs to play some dodgeball, ahh letting children hit other children with footballs, is so satisfying, however I did get in the way quite a few times, and one child was trying to take my head off, which was all quite fun.

We then went with a final game of musical statues, they were still playing the rules to musical bumps for a while which was quite amusing.

All in all we had an excellent couple of hours, for Rileys Birthday Party, It was a pleasure being booked to be their Kids Party Entertainment Lancashire and I hope to provide the family more Disco’s in the Future.

Dont forget if you want a great time at your Kids Party hire me as your Kids Party DJ Lancashire, book me as your Kids Party DJ and we will have a great time. Give me a call on 07792 233440 to get your place in my diary.