Mobile Disco Chorley

Mobile DJ Chorley

Well another day another disco related post, this time I was invited to be Cathrine Morris’s Mobile Disco Chorley, at the Park Hall Hotel, Camalot in Charnock Richard.

Mobile Disco Chorley

Cathrine had set out a mascarade ball in aid of her 30th birthday party and a black and white theme which was lovely.

The guests started to arrive by 8pm but my 9pm at the buffet slot, no more guests came, she had invited 60 people to the 30th Birthday Party in Chorley and only 20 had arrived. The room looked empty and she had received loads of text messages saying sorry they could not make it.

Cathrine was a bit put out, because she had laid on a huge buffet for them all and there was only a third had turned up.

Its quite common this and you really do find out who your friends are and who isnt, I reassured her we would have a great night regardless and she now knows who her real friends are and who to take off her Christmas card list.

Mobile Disco Chorley Mobile Disco Chorley Mobile Disco Chorley dj party on

Even when all the guests dont turn up we still have a great night with me Your Mobile Disco Chorley

As you can see by the picture, we can still make a great night if the worst happens, you just have to work with me to make it happen a bit more and not rely on all the other guests as you would usually do.

We had 2 hours of none stop dancing and then the final hour went into background alternative rock and indie music to pass the time till the end.

All in all I would have preferred more people but the end result was still the same it was a great night and everyone had a wonderful time with me as there Mobile Disco Chorley.

Call the above numbers now to book your party with myself.

Mobile Disco Chorley