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Well its always nice to break up the year with a Mobile Disco in Preston thats something a little different from my usual, weddings and christenings. My Mobile Disco in Preston was hired out by Heathway Road in Fulwood, Preston for there annual celebration. This year it was for the guild but as they say any excuse for a BBQ and to get all the neighbors together for a get together. Real Community Spirit in Preston, and its lovely to be apart of that.

Mobile Disco in Preston

I was booked by Lynn, from the street committee. Lovely lady we had a great long chat about what she was looking for, she needed a presenter to host the events during the day. A Kids Entertainer and a DJ to play good music for them to enjoy and fill in the gaps.

Mobile Disco in Preston - Street Party Mobile Disco in Preston Mobile Disco in Preston DJ Stage

Luckily I fit into all those roles quite nicely, thanks to my Christenings, the Kids are covered, my TV work the presenting and actioning of different games is easily achieved and the DJ, well thats what I do for a living..

Mobile Disco in Preston

Then the shock horror when it came to cost, I dont quite know how they worked there budget out for a DJ, but it fell well short of what I look for for a event. Im not expensive but I expect to be paid reasonably well to be entitled to earn a living wage for the job that I do. I explained this to Lynn, I also explained I am not Dave the DJ from the Local Social Club who does it for a bit of fun and beer money (who is ok anyway, hes already making money from his incapacity benefits Haha, but sometimes its true), I have a mortgage to pay, children to feed, tax and I will do a fantastic and professional job as a Mobile Disco in Preston for you for the right fee, but I wont get out of bed for that. I would rather have the day off.

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Remember the golden rule: YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET

I threw the question back to her, and said look at it my way, How much do YOU earn? for a days work! She gave me a figure, I said ok, now thats contract work and on a full time basis with holidays, Double it as a employment agency would do, then add on top 10k (costs per annum to work) divided by 100 (jobs per year) what does that come to.

That figure comes to 1/2 of what I was asking for. In effect I work for next to nothing, it may seem a high price in comparison to DJ Dave and the likes but it is what I need to earn to retain a liveable wage, provide you with a great service and keep the wheels turning.

Mobile Disco Preston

So onto the day ahead. Arrived at 11am as the street party was to start at 1pm but the road had to be closed off by 12 noon. They had already set up a marquee for me which was brilliant, just the quality marquee that was needed for the day. Got my kit in, and it started to rain. I just thought OH DEAR, not good. However by the time 1pm came and the party was to start, the sun had come out and it turned into a lovely day.

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The first hour was set aside to play kids games, and children’s entertainment preston, we did some ball and hoop games, pass the parcel, musical statues and then the bouncy castle turned up. Bouncy castles are like my nemesis, kids love them but for me make my job harder as they love bouncing, and trying to get them playing games becomes hard work.

at 2.30 it was BBQ time, yeah I could not wait, love BBQ’s took about an hour for everyone to finish, and then onto the tug of war, we had odds vs evens, males vs females, kids vs kids and everyone had grass stains after we finished.

3.30 It was time for the treasure hunt.

5pm We started dancing, teaching all the kids and adults the moves to all the favourite party dance songs, and had the whole street dancing.

What a great day as a Mobile Disco in Preston, Could not have asked for a greater street of people, all so nice, diverse and appreciative of the job I had done for them.

I cant wait to do it next year.

When you want a quality mobile disco in Preston, give me a call, every time a superb job is guaranteed, and it is my pleasure to serve.