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Well another day another blog post. Today I was invited to provide the Mobile Disco Manchester for a 40th Birthday Party. The Birthday Party Boy was called Rowan Bridge. The Venue was the South West Manchester Cricket Club on Ellesmere Road. Chorlton. Manchester.

Mobile Disco Manchester

Me and Rowan first had a conversation about 4 months before his event and he ultimately opted for a cheaper supplier in the end. I cant blame him there were only going to be 30 people in attendance and with my fee it was £8 a head in effect for myself. Which seems alot even for my standards for a birthday party.

Thats not to say though with only 30 people we can’t have a great party.

Mobile Disco Manchester Mobile Disco Manchester Mobile Disco Manchester Mobile Disco 20Blackburn

Mobile Disco Manchester, with only 30 people you can still have a great time. Brilliant Mobile Disco Chorleton we had a blast

However a couple of Months before the event the other Cheap DJ pulled out to be fair to the DJ at least he called and said he could no longer do it and not kept Rowan in the dark and just not turned up like quite a few mobile disco manchester suppliers do on a regular basis.

As Rowan said about the cheaper suppliers, he could not really get to grips with what any of them do. Where as with myself he knew what I would do and knew why he was hiring me from the ofset. He knew I would do a great job for him and the Job he wanted me to do which was apparant from not only my website but our conversation on the telephone.

Rowan was also a DJ albeit a Radio DJ for a talk station on the BBC and we had a chat why I was so much more expensive (£100 more) than everyone else with the view of, Hospital Radio Presenters work for Free, Community Radio DJs work for Free, and BBC Radio Presenters get paid reasonable money for what they do, the higher up you get in the stations and prime spots the more money you get paid. There is a career progression in ALL industries and the Mobile Disco Manchester industry is no exception. DJs who work for £150 litrally work for £20-£50 after all costs and associated expenditure gets taken off. The better you are the more money you can command, because we command more money means we have better DJ toys, nice sounding systems, prettier lights (we dont need 10 cheap lights to make a disco 1-2 expensive ones will do and fill your room with light, plus its less for us to carry) the better we get as DJs the lazier we are with carrying equipment.

I arrived at The South West Manchester Cricket Club well on time to be greeted by STAIRS, oh oh oh how I hate stairs, but never mind I have to get up them with my heavy equipment some how and up I get.

Set up in the corner.

Wedding DJ Manchester Mobile Disco Manchester Mobile Disco Manchester DJ Party Booth

As you will see, I am using a Small Light UP Stand in the corner, 1 lighting unit and the room is full of light, I did not have my 4 pinspots turned on as they are that bright the Camera cant take a picture without it all looking blur, This is the basic Rig as a Mobile Disco Manchester

Have a chat with the manager about what we were going to be doing today it was quite straight forward, Rowan had given me some of his favourite songs to go from, so I had an idea of the kind of music he liked and would dance to (which is helpful when there are only 30 people in the room) and we were doing a birthday quiz, not as boring as you might think.


Upon arrival out of the 30 people attending there were 5-6 kids, so out came my balloons, and hula hoops to give them something to do which Rowan loved (again when your spending more money on a actual DJ not just a pretend one we have things like this READY, were prepared for any eventualility even when you dont inform us about it)

It was quite relaxed with everyone having a conversation and grooving to the music which was nice.

And then as you can see in the picture at the top, we had them dancing for most of the night and they loved it and because of that I loved it too.

It was a pleasure working at Chorlton Cricket Club, The management and saff were really friendly and helpful and I could not as for more from a team at a venue, the venue itself looked like it had recently been through a refurbishment too as it was in pristine condition.

When you want a Mobile Disco Manchester, and you want it to be a success call me even Chorlton Cricket Club took loads of my cards as I was the best that had seen in ages, dont accept any DJ with an attitude book an Adult to act as your Mobile Disco Manchester.