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Welcome to my Mobile Disco Stockport page! Glad you made it through all those other DJ websites to the only DJ in Stockport website that you simply must have for your party.

I have been a DJ in Stockport and the surrounding areas for the last 15 years and have been a full time DJ for the last 10 years, which means I do more gigs than most DJ’s and my diary is extremely busy and is on a first come first serve basis.
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As your Mobile Disco Stockport, I like to work with my clients and am fully committed, aiming to provide a great DJ Stockport services to your exact requirements. From music selection to lighting, you have total control and it’s always done your way.

Please have a look round the rest of my site and use the top bars to navigate to which event or use the Discos Mobile Home Page. For more information on myself, please have a look at DJ Stockport About Us Page.

There is everything from me on the tele, to the awards I have received, to testimonials which make me smile every time I read them, because I work that hard to forfill your wants and needs, when it comes off to plan at the end, its a great feeling. I love my job, and love making people happy.

Contact me now using my Contact Us Form or call on 07792233440

Thanks in advance for using Mobile Disco Stockport,

DJ Stockport | Mobile Disco Stockport Richard Porter