Mobile Disco Wigan – The Plenty Of Fish Wigan Meet – Singles Night

Mobile Disco Wigan

What happens when you book a DJ for an singles night, and they play the Birdie Song and Black Lace..

Well cut a long story short the organisers finally look for a professional DJ to make sure the customers all get what they need musically to have a great night and I get a phone call to resurrect a failing singles night organised by the Plenty Of Fish Team and The Bellingham Hotel, Wigan.

I was brought in by the organisers Julie and Vonnie from a recommendation from a friend of there’s who had seen me on a party not so long ago.

Its the first time I had been to the Bellingham Hotel, upon arrival I met the Manager Richard (great name) who showed me to the room and the easiest access point. We also had a bit of a chat and found out they had been on the hotel inspector recently. Which I was quite gutted I had not seen, its always interesting to watch these hotels mess up and what goes on in the background. I managed to catch the episode on a repeat on channel 5 and to be honest with you I didnt think they did that badly.

The function room was nice and large, typically like most venues could do with a new carpet and coat of paint but for the price and location it was perfectly acceptable with very easy access for me to get my equipment in without too much difficulty.

The Plenty of Fish event organisers had themed the event for the start of the Olympics as a British Olympics theme, so most people came in red white and blue which really set the tone. I did not know what to expect for the event, having never done a singles night before it was unusual for me.

As a Mobile Disco Wigan one thing us DJs love to do is people watch, and there was plenty to watch 🙂 Old Men trying it on with younger girls and getting duly turned down (haha) and to be honest with you it was a bit seedy for my tastes, if I was single I doubt I would be at the event EVERYONE was on the pull and as I would say UP FOR IT.

We played loads of great music, took time for people to get dancing but when they did the dance floor stayed full of people all night, all trying to impress, all trying to cop off, some winning and some failing.

All in all it was a fantastic night, the Bellingham are now using me as there resident DJ and Plenty of Fish Wigan have now booked in my Mobile Disco Wigan for another 11 dates through to next year.

When you want a successful event, a DJ who will do a great job for you what ever the event, Call now to book the best Mobile Disco, Wigan has to offer.