Mobile Discos FAQ


Q. What areas do you cover?
A. I am based in Preston and cover the Northwest including Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Liverpool. I have worked in many different locations though and am happy to go outside of my immediate locality. If you would like me to DJ at an event you’re planning but you are worried I might be out of your area, don’t hesitate to give me a call and we can discuss it. I am always happy to help in any way I can.

Q. What type of DJ are you?
A. I consider myself a personal DJ. I am experienced in many different types of events and will endeavour to be the DJ YOU want for your event. I am a DJ, a master of ceremonies, an entertainer, an interactive DJ, and a host. With so many years of experience in the industry I can also help with your entertainment planning. I have a van full of resources to help with the fun and games, they come in especially useful at children’s parties but don’t underestimate how well a good game can go down at an adult party – everyone loves a game of limbo or twister no matter what their age (especially after a few drinks)!

Q. What different events do you do?
A. Some DJ’s specialise in one type of event such as weddings or children’s parties. This is not necessarily a bad thing because if you are hiring them for their speciality then they may be an excellent choice. On a personal note, I enjoy entertaining at a variety of events. I find it a positive experience to be able to turn my hand to different occasions. It obviously gives me more opportunities to work but also makes me a better, more rounded DJ. You can hire me for birthday parties, children’s parties, Christenings, weddings, charity events, school proms, Christmas parties and corporate events.

Q. How long have you been a DJ?
A. I have been a DJ for over 17 years (and counting). I have learnt a lot throughout this time and take pride in my years of experience and knowledge of my craft.

Q. What else do you offer?
A. I can also do an all-day hire service and I can provide extra sound and lighting. The level of interacting, hosting and games I facilitate are up to you. If you are not sure what you want please do not hesitate to call me and I can go through the options with you.

Q. What sort of music do you play?
A. I have a selection of over 30,000 songs to choose from. My collection is constantly being updated. I have tracks that go back as far as the 1920′s but I always have the current top 40. I have an eclectic variety of music so regardless of what your music tastes are or your age I will have something for you and your guests.

Q. Do you play song requests?
A. Yes, I do play song requests. I will ask for a list of your favourite songs prior to event. This will help me to create a flexible playlist. During the night your guests can ask for anything they like and I will do my best to fit in all requests. Sometimes it is easier than others to fit random songs into a playlist. As a professional DJ it is my job to play each song after another seamlessly. It is not always possible to blend tracks together that are different styles and tempos without losing the flow and quality of sound. I also have a time limit and if you have personally given me a list of songs you definitely want me to include it is important to me that I fulfil your requests. I will always do my absolute best to keep everyone happy and make sure that everyone feels that there is some music for them.

Q. The venue has a resident DJ, why should I use you?
A. Some venues have a ‘Resident DJ’ and will strongly advise you to use them. Remember, the venue will financially gain when you use their suggestion. Some of these DJ’s can offer a great quality service but that is not always the case and it is big risk to take. The venue will book a DJ based on price alone, they will book the cheapest entertainment they can, regardless of how much money you are paying them for the privilege. When you chose me you are making an educated choice. You can watch my videos on You Tube, read my blog and testimonials, and see what my DJ equipment looks like by looking at my photo gallery. Most importantly, you are also able speak to me! We can discuss your requirements before the event so that I can cater to your personal needs. When you simply book the resident DJ you will have no prior knowledge of who they are and what the quality of their work is. There is no way a resident DJ can make an event personal because they will not speak to you until the big day itself. Don’t be pushed into having the DJ that the venue wants you to have; they stand to make money and will try to influence your choice accordingly– it’s your event so you should be in control.

Q. Will you be the DJ at our Wedding?
A. If you call a DJ booking service or agency the person you speak to WONT be the actual DJ on the day of your event. If you hire me, it will always be me you speak to prior to the event and it will always me myself who DJ’s at your event.

Q. How do you dress?
A. Appropriately for the occasion. I DJ at a variety of events; I may be working in a village hall in the afternoon for a children’s party and then at an expensive venue for a high class wedding in the evening. I will wear what is expected and appropriate for each individual event. I take pride in my appearance and will never turn up to any occasion looking scruffy or unkempt. At an event such as a wedding, you and all your guests make an effort so I believe as a DJ I should also.

Q. Are you a full time DJ?
A. Yes this is my livelihood. Therefore I have to take it seriously. Some DJ’s have “day” jobs and do events as a hobby but my mind-set is different. I am dependent on giving you more than your money’s worth; I get most of my work through referrals and testimonials.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, I have public liability insurance to the value of 10 million for your peace of mind. It is NOT a requirement to have PLI but it is becoming an industry standard and some venues insist on it. I feel it is my duty as a professional DJ to make sure I am covered.

Q. What equipment will you use?
A. This depends on the service booked, appropriate sound, lighting & video equipment will be provided. What I bring will mostly depend on the venue and its capacity. I have to be aware of many different factors when I put my equipment together for individual gigs. For example, marques are very popular for weddings and as a DJ I know they also offer many challenges. So much sound is lost through the walls and the roof that I have to make sure my sound is loud enough to compensate. I have built my DJ booth from the ground up and take pride in the quality of the equipment, sound and appearance. If you would like more technical details then do not hesitate to ask but as a DJ with over 17 years of experience I am confident that my equipment will suit you’re your needs and those of the venue.`

Q. Is your equipment safe?
A. All our equipment has PAT (portable appliance tested) certificates and is regularly serviced. It is important to me that I offer a high quality service and obviously a big part of that is ensuring that you and all your guests will be safe at any event I DJ at.

Q. Do you carry back up equipment?
A. Yes I have sufficient backup equipment with me at all times should anything go wrong. When I am hired to DJ at an event I am committed to providing the best service. Making sure my equipment is in good working order and back up equipment is on standby is all part of my job.

Q. How long does it take you to set-up and when do you need access to the building?
A. It normally takes me about 60 minutes to set up. There can be issues that delay the process for example poor access to the building or other acts setting up. As long as I can get in and get my equipment to the right spot then I ask for access at least an hour before the event begins. Extra time is sometimes needed for equipment & safety checks.

Q. How much do you charge?
A. This depends on several factors. The date and time of the event, the venue and location, the amount of equipment I will need to bring, how many guests are coming and transport costs. It is much easier to give you a personal quote than to list all the variations. Call now and we can discuss this in more detail.

Q. Can I afford you?
A. Yes, I think it some cases the question should be “Can you afford not to hire me?” I am not the cheapest in town but my prices are competitive. If you want a good quality sound and light system with a professional experienced DJ, then you will pay more than the bargain basement DJ’s available. However the consequences of a DJ who is not prepared, experienced or professional could be catastrophic for your event. The DJ can really make or break an evening; I have seen it happen myself. If your event is important then you can afford me.

Q. When do we pay you?
A. I ask for a deposit in advance of the event. Full payment is required in cash on the night
Q. If we want to extend the party on the night could you stay longer?
A. As long as the venue operators don’t mind then I don’t mind. Please take into account bars have alcohol and entertainment licenses with strict guidelines. If you would like to ask me to stay then just let me know a couple of hours before the scheduled end. Overtime will be charged at a fixed rate that we agree upon on the night. This does not include any additional costs of room hire from the venue operators. Please understand if the venue is found to be in breach of licensing laws then we are not held responsible for their actions.

Q. Will you still be in business on our wedding day?
A. There is no reason for me to go out of business. I have very few overheads and most importantly; no debt. I only buy new equipment at a % of my earnings so we never overspend. Sadly I have received phone calls from stressed people whose DJ has simply packed their business and has pulled out of their event. If you hire me, this will not happen. I have been in business for 17 years and have no intention of stopping at any point. Even if I did I have more respect for my clients than to leave them in the lurch like that.

Q. Do you offer a Written Contract?
A. Yes. I believe that a written and legal contract is a signs that a DJ cares about his profession and has gone that extra step by making sure all eventualities are covered by way of a Terms of Engagement for a Wedding DJ Contract.