Mobile DJ Fleetwood

Mobile Disco Fleetwood

This was an event from a couple of weeks ago which I have only just got around to writing, I was hired by Heidi Hoyle to be her Parents Mobile DJ Fleetwood for their Surprise Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party. WOW 40 years :-), We were at the Fleetwood Rugby Club on Melbourne Avenue, Fleetwood FY7 8AY

Mobile DJ Fleetwood

It was the first time Heidi had ever booked a party and never a surprise party for her parents and the difficulties are finding parents friends. No Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc so it was back to old fashioned borrowing their address book to find their friends and family from young to old.

Heidi did like you all do, phone round get prices the usual, but the reason people come back to me is, 1) My site looks better and has all the information you need on it to book me, 2) After our phone conversation she could realise I was only interested in making sure her parents had a great party and helped with the surprise to make it more surprising.

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I dont know whats wrong with Mobile DJ Prices in Fleetwood, they are soo low, I could never price myself like that otherwise I would have to get a job cleaning the bird poo off the benches at fleetwood docks to make ends meat. Oh wait I know why they are soo cheap quite simply I am not one to slag off the competition (as they are not competing with me anyway with what they offer) but they just turn up and play some music, your lucky if they turn up, provide you with paperwork and while they are their dont really understand the role they are meant to do, sure playing music is one part of the Job but what all often is forgotten is personal appearance, music volumes being right for the age group, socialising with guests and party goers and actually making a good night with good music and the right atmosphere and ambiance to what they would like to hear.

All Heidi knew was she had been to loads of parties and none of them particularly memorable.

Mobile DJ Fleetwood

To aid in my preparation I needed to try and get some info from Heidi, such as when they got married what was their first dance, any other notable songs.

So what we did when I arrived, I set up the room, and the guests were arriving at 7.30 latest and John and Allyson were arriving at 8pm. I had organised everyone to stand around with party poppers for when they entered the room fingers crossed at ages 70 they would not have a heart attack, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Mobile Disco Fleetwood

We had the big surprise and left them to mingle with some of their friends they had not seen in over 20 years as people move away etc.

Got to the hot pot and I was playing the Old Favorites for that age group, Cliff Richard, Niel Diamond bit of ratpack, all sing-a-long great classic stuff.

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After the buffet we moved onto the party and while it was only a small party anyway we had a few dancers, We also dropped in a Love song their first dance and relived that moment when they were first married and played some other great smooches as you play one and everyone asks for their favorite.

For me it was not the best dancing party I have worked, but at the end of it all everyone got what they wanted and they had such a good time with the music and me it was a blast for them all.

Party ended an hour early on a high (people were leaving from 10.30 so made it an 11pm finish instead of 12pm and finished on new york new york to bring everyone together and have a cuddle.

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Another night finished, it was superb for them.

When you want a superb night the night YOU want. My numbers above give me a call and lets make it happen.