Parties for Disabled Adults

Disabled Adults Party DJ & Disco

Welcome to my Page all about one of my specialty services giving people with Mental/Learning Disabilities a great time on their party.

Its always a risky subject and I do apologise if I am not totally PC about the whole situation.

When booking a DJ for a party that has quite a few people in attendance with learning difficulties, you have to think, is this DJ going to for fill the need they have to have a great time as its a once in a lifetime event. Usually any disco will do, as we dont think about what fun they could be having, the booking person just considers the basic need of a DJ.

Quite often its a carers role to look after the money spent by the person, and often have to get the best deal or the cheapest price.

I hope by now you have seen what the cheapest price will get you!!! Someone who just passes for a DJ and for fills the basic needs of a Party which is Music & lights.

Me, I have a little bit more to give, I also add interactive FUN, whats the difference, well people with learning difficulties will have fun in most scenarios, but I want them to remember it as the best time they have ever had, nothing less, because I care, its my job to care, they/you are paying me and for that payment i’ll en-devour to do my best regardless of their capabilities, and/or challenging behavior.

If the Person is paying for the party out of their own pocket/benefits I offer a 30% discount off my standard rates, if it is a family member who is paying, I would like to ask you to be honest and pay the full fee. On the discounted rate means my profit margins are very slim (however if I was fully booked with these parties, I would have a very for filling life and its worth that 30% pay cut, but I understand that by booking me they are paying considerably more than with another disco supplier.. I am worth the extra keep reading on..

Quite a Few people ask me why I do this..

I do this for the Smiles,

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I do this because know one else does, know one has the skill, time, training or patience to give these great people the best time of their lives.

Call now if you want your loved one to have a great party.