Party Ice Breakers

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Wedding Ice Breakers

Well todays topic is about something I know quite a bit of, Party Ice Breakers. I am always using them on my events to lighten the mood. Whether it is on a Wedding or Birthday Party its always good to get people up having a great time with this one..

This is what i call Irish Trivia or the Sit down IF game similar to the start of the Graham Norton Show.

How to play first things first we need to get everyone standing up as were about to ask them a hole host of questions.

The Party Ice Breakers are for them to learn more about the people around them!

If they hear a question that is appliacable to them then they sit down and are in effect out.

Party Ice Breakers

Question Examples

Sit Down if you dont personally know the Bride & Groom or Birthday Person?
Sit Down if you dont like the Bride and Groom or Birthday Person?
Sit Down if you drive a mpv or 4×4 car.
Sit Down if you had sex last night.
Sit Down if you have eaten Mc Donalds in the last week.
Sit Down if you are chewing chewing gum right now?
Sit Down if your only here for the Free Food?
Sit Down if you have a cat.
Sit Down if you enjoy jusin biebers music.
Sit Down if you cry at disney cartoons.
Sit Down if you sing in the shower.
Sit Down if you have not showered in a couple of days.
Sit Down if your belly button sticks out.
Sit Down if you still suck your thumb
Sit Down if you have had a speeding ticket this year.
Sit Down if you are ticklish.
Sit Down if you have never stolen a hotel towel.
Sit Down if your partner picks out your clothes .
Sit Down if your wearing a G-String.

And to end the Game,

Sit down if your a Man and has never shaved his legs
Sit down if your a Woman and not shaved your legs today

(this should bring you down to the last few people standing who all win a Free Glass of Water at the Bar)

Best of luck with this wedding ice breaker, if you need a Professional Host and DJ to perform it. My numbers at the top of the website..