Services Offers

Armed Force NHS, Police & Fire Services, RNLI etc Services Discounts

This page has been created because of my personal feelings towards many subjects revolving around your work.

I would like to give you back a little, for what you give me alot of.

So for all Services, I offer a 20% Services Discount, on my total fee.
Services Discount services discount Services Offers Army Offers services discount Services Offers Army Offers
Reasons being.

Army, Navy, Air Force

My freedom is not free, people in these service types have died for my freedom, and for that I respect you for your choice of occupation and putting your life on the line for mine. If that does not deserve some discount I dont know what would.

Police Officers

Well apart from the couple of time I have been arrested ? you keep my kids safe, protect my home, and make sure bad people do not roam the streets around my happy life. Which Deserves a services discount for what you provide me.

NHS, Nurses

Now to be honest with you, as a Doctor, your probably on around £75k per year and can afford my fee’s :-), but for the bottom line, nurses etc, You look after me when I’m ill, you look after my children and would save my life if it came to it and deserve a services discount.

Fire Brigade

Apart from being a Party Pooper, when I had a bonfire and you came and put it out, I know you save lives, maybe my life, you deserve a services discount.

I look forward to working for you.