Small Wedding Ideas

Small Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Every couple is different and what people want for their dream wedding can be equally different. Not everyone wants a big white wedding with a church and venue packed full of guests. Some people prefer their wedding day to be an intimate affair, with their nearest and dearest close by to help them celebrate.

I used to find being a DJ at small wedding receptions very challenging; keeping the dance floor busy with only 20 – 60 people in attendance can be quite exhausting! But after years of experience I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I would like to share with you today. These ideas will not only keep the wedding reception atmosphere up beat but they also are great ways to personalise your wedding and turn it into an event unique to you!

Small Wedding Reception, Small Wedding Ideas UK,

Small Wedding Ideas Small Wedding Ideas Small Wedding Ideas small wedding ideas

Small Wedding Reception, Small Wedding Ideas UK,

Small Wedding Ideas

People assume that DJ’s are just DJ’s; that they come to an event, set up, play music pack up and leave. What people don’t realise is many of us DJ’s also have other skills, talents and even equipment that can spice up any event, especially a small wedding reception.

Small Wedding Reception and Entertainment Ideas – Games

Over the last few years I have successfully facilitated lots of small wedding ideas, working on them from conception to creation. I am a host and presenter as well as a DJ and can use my skills in many ways. Just as with any type of wedding, no matter how big or small, it is essential that your night is exactly how you want it. As a DJ it is my job to make sure you have perfect wedding reception. Here are just a few ideas for games that in my experience, work brilliantly at a small wedding reception.

Bride and Groom – This is Your Life or Your LOVE STORY

For this to work well we need the help the bridal party as they know you best. This small wedding reception idea can be facilitated pretty easily as long as the preparation is done beforehand. It can be as elaborate with TV Screens & Images, Voice Recordings and Videos or can be quite basic; the choice is up to you.

Bride and Groom Mr & Mrs, Or the Shoe Game or The Newlywed Game

This is another great small wedding idea that is easy to facilitate. For this to work at its best it needs good preparation. The idea of the game (if you have not seen or played it before), is that a couple is asked the same questions about their relationship separately. They have to try to guess what their partner will say. It’s the ultimate relationship test! The quality of the game and the impact it will have will largely depend on the questions. For this game to work, the contestants cannot know the questions beforehand, so you will need to organise who will participate and who will plan the questions for each couple. It does take some organising but this game always goes down a storm and I am very experienced in delivering it.

Full Wedding Party Involvement

This is a great activity to make sure that everyone feels involved. It helps to break down the barriers and shyness some people may feel about getting up. It once again relies on good preparation beforehand. Stickers can be stuck to the bottom of the chairs with dares inside such as sing a Song by Frank Sinatra, a Pictionary task (whiteboards are readily available from most venues), a round of Play Your Cards Right, Dance to a certain song (Right Said Fred – Im too sexy is a great choice). There are many different tasks you can set the guests and I can guarantee this game will have your guests laughing their socks off!

A Childish Wedding Reception

As the master of children’s parties I have lots of fun games in my van which are available for any event, as long as I am given notice beforehand to prepare. I have giant twister, limbo, space hoppers – ideal for bouncy races, a giant blow up football and many more resources that will bring out the childish side of your guests. Your wedding may also have a lot of young guests that would enjoy this equipment just as much as the old ones!

Small Wedding disco

By playing these games and getting your guests really involved it loosens up the atmosphere and gets everyone in the mood for a party. These activities usually leave time for a 2 – 3 hour disco, which is a perfect amount of time for a small wedding reception, instead of concentrating on packing out the dance floor we can concentrate on just playing great music, the music you want to hear..

Having a smaller wedding with less guests certainly has its advantages music wise. Because there are physically less people, as a DJ I can make sure that every single one of your guests gets music of their choice played and feels comfortable enough to have a dance. If the bride and groom have different ideas or a theme in mind then this can also be adhered to.

The perfect small wedding day Ideas

If you are planning a small wedding I hope you found this information, ideas and advice useful. Despite finding small wedding receptions challenging in my early days, experience has taught me that all weddings are special because they are so unique. Some of my favorite gigs have been at small receptions; I enjoy the intimacy and relaxed atmosphere that they foster.

If you like the sound of a smaller wedding do and would like to discuss any of these or your own ideas further then please call me or send me an enquiry. I am happy to talk at length with you to make sure your day is perfect. So pick up the phone and call me for friendly no obligation chat about your small wedding reception.

To find some smaller venues to hold your wedding at, either pick up the phone and call me or this is a great resource for information