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DJ Jobs Lancashire

First thing, Can I just begin by saying if your already a DJ, with your own Equipment, Your Own DJ Company and your own way of doing things. We do not recruit like this.

We have a very specific way of doing things and that can only be achieved by taking someone from outside the industry and training them our way.

Entertainer Jobs in the North West

All positions are set on an EMPLOYED basis, cheap nfl jerseys Full Time Positions.

Whats it like to be an Entertainer, Host, DJ or Emcee?

Well you get to meet lots of different people, some good experiences, some bad experiences. Being the sober one while everyone else cheap nfl jerseys is in different states of drunkness can be challenging but with like every role you get your awkward customer and nice customer.

You get to play lots of different Cheap nfl Jerseys music, some you will love, some you will hate, thats life our role is to find the best music, which is most suitable for the people in front of us to make sure they have the best party ever.

You jordans for cheap get to be the show! Whatever you are doing eyes are on you! whether that is hosting a Quiz, Kids Event, Karaoke, and many years down the line Wedding Hosting you create the night & the atmosphere, appropriately for that particular event.

You get to see lots of different venues in lots of different towns and citys around the North West of England. Some lovely, Some not quite so lovely, some dangerous, You would be trained to risk asses the area to make it a suitable working environment.

So its a mixed bag, I tell it how it is, No hopes your ever going to be on Broadway or in a night club playing along side Tiesto.

Childrens Entertainment Jobs North West

Still fancy becoming a Entertainer and Host ? Read Below!!!
So congratulations your on your first step to becoming an awesome entertainer! But first you have to answer a few things!

Are you Confident? Could you stand in front of a room full of people all looking at you and then interact with them on a Microphone?

Are you good with kids? Can you loose all inhibitions of coolness and say stupid things to make kids laugh and smile? Can you manage children so that they would behave and play games with you? Can you entice the shy mummy cuddled child to break free from her grip and come and win a medal in a game? Do you have the guts to dance to the Hokey Cokey & Superman with the children while a room full of adults watch you?

Can you be Nice & Friendly? I’m talking overly nice bending over backwards to make sure everyone loves you?

Are you willing to put in that extra effort to make sure the client knows you have done a great Job? and not half a Job?

Are you punctual? Not just 5 mins early, Essay You need to be well prepared in time well before any event, preferably with an OCD in timekeeping?

Can you work on your own? After a training period and competence attained there is no baby sitters, on events YOUR the baby sitter making sure you know what is required of you.

Can you build friends and customers? Regular venues require a person who can communicate and be interested in the regular customers lives. Would you be interested?

Do you have a passion for music? can you deal with the fact you have to play the music the customer wants and not your own choices?

Well if you have answered YES to the above this could be a good role for you! Ideally you will have other skills too as being the Host, or the Entertainer or the DJ is only Part Time on a Job, so to fill the hours up and be a benefit to the business you have to be good at other things too.

The other skills associated with working for are;

This list can be endless we are forever finding new talented people even if its just Baking a Cake! We want to know what your good at?

Search Engine Optimisation!
Website Design,
Flyer Design,
Images Design Use of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator etc
Internet Marketing!
Viral campaigns,
Social Media Marketing,
E-mail Marketing!
Offline Marketing!
Business Development
Joinery and Wood Working
Metal Working
Playing an ray ban sale Instrument
Baking Cakes
Face Painting
Balloon Modelling
Beauty Therapy
Hair Dressing
Sewing Machinist
Touching your nose with your tongue

Whatever Skills you have, how meaningless you think it may be, We could probably have a use for it.

If you think you could be a potential for us, send your CV with covering letter of how awesome you are and your random skills you may have to (highlight copy and paste into your email ) I look forward to hearing from you.