Vintage wedding theme

From décor to entertainment – vintage wedding style

So many brides will look back on their wedding dress in future decades and cringe at the fashion faux pas. One easy way to avoid this is make your wedding vintage; a style that will never go out of fashion! In this blog post we will explore simple ideas to make your wedding timeless and look at the entertainment options for a vintage wedding. Regardless of what your theme is make sure you discuss your ideas with the professionals. As a DJ I know how entertainment can enhance the theme and the entire wedding experience. It is important that we as DJ’s and other professionals work together with the bride and groom to support their dreams, so talk to us!

Quality at a vintage wedding

A vintage wedding is essentially a mixing and matching exercise with some of the most beautiful, ornate and authentic period products. You could have hand crafted 40’s style table centres, antique china and 50’s style clothing all at the same event and it will look stunning, the key aspect at a vintage wedding is quality, but that doesn’t mean costly.

Décor ideas at a vintage wedding

Mix the 20’s, 30’s 40, 50’s and 60’s, hand pick the best bits and add a sense of true 20th century style to your big day. Here are a few simple and cost effective ideas to decorate your vintage wedding. Don’t forget as a DJ with over 17 years’ experience I have seen a lot of weddings and I know what works in real life!

• Let’s begin with an idea for before the wedding date actually arrives; invitations. Have a professional photo shoot (or a friend with a good camera and printer) where you and your fiancé dress up as famous vintage images. Think Gone With The Wind, Casablanca or Meet Me In St Louis. These photos can be used as the background to the invitations which will really set the scene for your event. Additionally reuse these pictures and make them a central part of your table centres or blow them up to make huge prints that hand on the wall of your venue.
• Design your name places to look like an old telegram and then age the paper with tea to add a unique old fashioned feel to each name, every one you do will be different and your guests will know this.
• Raid the second hand shops for all things vintage; hat boxes, pearl necklaces, birdcages, birdcage veils, small capes, wooden ladders, old books and such like. These can be strategically scattered around your venue so that every corner is stylish.

Photobooth at a vintage wedding

Photobooths are becoming a party entertainment must have and will bring a sense of fun and playfulness to your event that will enable your guests to capture their memories in a truly unique way. Your guests will be kept entertained for hours with the props including wigs, masks and costumes. They will be able to take endless fun and exciting photos of themselves that will help them to capture the memory of your party forever!

You can hire a party photo booth for any event but they work particularly well if your event is themed. Speak to your photobooth provider about the props inside being exclusively vintage.
Personally, I provide the photobooth package either as a standalone product or as part of my entertainment package.

Entertainment at a vintage wedding

Lots of vintage weddings opt for swing bands but I fear that those that decide not to use a DJ are really missing out. I have worked at some fabulous events where a live artist and DJ have been hired together and have performed at different parts of the day; these events have worked brilliantly because the different entertainment options complimented each other. I would suggest though that if you are only going for one, choose a DJ.

Why hire a DJ at a vintage style wedding?

If you hire a good DJ you will not just be paying for the music, you will be hiring a professional that can play all the swing tunes along with music from all era’s and who can support your evening by co-ordinating important events within the evening such as cake cutting and the first dance.

Hiring a proper dedicated and trained DJ we also know where and how to find all the cool songs you would like to hear, the remixes, the covers, the different takes on songs to make your party as unique as you..


A good DJ will also be able to provide and facilitate vintage style games; these could be croquet, bowls, horseshoes and many more.

The most important thing you can do is research your local entertainment providers and look for someone with good reviews and who is known for spending the time to talk to their clients.