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DJ’s just play music! Dont they?

This is a massive misconception about myself, yes 99.99% of DJs would just play music, fortunately for me and you, I know what I am doing.

Lets start with your Grand Entrance.

Some people love it big, others love it quiet choice is yours I can do either..

Wedding Breakfast DJ

Me v’s The Duty Manager

Well you will build up a relationship with myself, the duty managers have shifts and usually dont work an all day wedding in full due to their working hours. With me, I’m there all day.

Duty Managers say as your introduction “Ladies and Gentlemen Please be Upstanding for your bride and groom” Upstanding does not even mean STAND UP!

They think they have training and are experienced Master of Ceremonies, 100 events a year how can they be wrong. To them your wedding is just like the wedding yesterday and the week before. but to me YOUR SPECIAL and your event deserves to be nothing less than Unique and Personalised to you.

This is one which I did recently, they did not want a big show, just a short introduction and a joke and a ice breaking game afterwards.

The problems I have is i’m usually too busy to take video and dont always get everything of what I do..

But a colleague of mine from Australia Called John Beck did a video which is a great example of a FUN wedding introduction..

So that’s the Wedding Grand Entrance.

What about interaction between the tables.

Quite a few ways I get the tables talking and getting to know each other. All of which are optional to your needs.

Firstly is a game, We call it the Sit Down Game which is played after my grand entrance above.

Secondly is via Music, I will ask for a spokes person from each table and go round the tables getting the requests off your guests which that table will dance to later on in the night.

Third we can do baby Names (only if you are planning a baby)

Fourth is Pearls of Wisdom, Advice and suggestion for the Bride and Groom. used as a guestbook as well, we get advice on how to keep the spark in marriage, things not to do or say etc

We keep your guests from watching the paint dry and gazing out of the window.

Then onto the Toasts and Speeches, as acting Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies (I am the fun one not the army officer) I can lead the speeches bring in the toasts and get the cheers for your moments.

Oh we have not mentioned music. Most of my couple like to choose their “Theme” sometimes a soundtrack of their engagement and lives together other times a musical theme to keep one of the bride or groom happy. Again its something we work on to put your stamp on your wedding breakfast.

Again call above lets plan something great.