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Why have a DJ at a Wedding Ceremony?

Well if you read the rest of my website you will probably realise i’m no Ordinary DJ

There is quite a few reasons.

Wedding Ceremony Music Player

First is after you have spent alot of good money on your wedding is your dream really this?

Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Ceremony

Is this your DREAM?

No, I didn’t think it is, certain venues simply don’t have the facilities and play it down to you, YES they can provide the music for the ceremony, Brides don’t know what they don’t know and assume its fit for purpose and by this time its too late.

What do I do, Well firstly I do quite alot of Ceremonies every year, I know the music your allowed and what the registrar’s want.

The Music, The music can be ANYTHING as long as there are no religious lyric’s in the song, Its my job to sit with you and gather the music maybe making advice and recommendation if you have a particular style of music you want.

Quite a few people go with classical music (mainly because you are given a disc by the hotel saying PICK one), classical music is great but it does have dip’s in the volume as orchestra’s do it being creative and crowd pleasing but in a ceremony environment we have to sustain the levels as you really dont want a quiet spell in your ceremony room as people assume you are about to walk down the isle.

The other things to think of are:
Intro of the Processional. Songs like Madness – It Must be Love is a Popular Choice. Problem with this song is press play and its 43 seconds before the lyric’s kick in, so your either stood at the back waiting for the lyric’s or your at your groom before the lyrics kick in and its a wasted opportunity and not the message thats trying to be passed across to your guests.

How the wedding Ceremony Music works.

First 30 Mins Groom is in the room so the music choice is Grooms Choice.
Then while the Bride is waiting outside the door its sometimes nice if we have a song for the groom to play to his bride which has meaning.
We then have the Bridal Procession (again can be a different song or the same one as the bride will walk to)
Moving to the Processional, for the bride and her choice of person to give her away.
Then we have the Ceremony – (Music Off)
Next we have the signing of the registrar and photo opportunity, I will play a couple of Background Songs.
We then have the registrar finalising the ceremony, pronouncing Man & Wife (again no music)
And finally the Recessional – This can be a nice song or a statement song as BANG were now married.

Do you really want to leave that in the capable hand of a member of banqueting staff? or me the professional music player?

Other benefits of hiring someone like myself to do the ceremony is, I can record your Vow’s whether that be for a keepsake box, or you would like them editing into your first dance to fly those emotions all over again its up to you! Options available to have it.

We can also plan the fun stuff, we have had ceremonies erupt at your recessional (making the images simply fantastic) we have had sparklers, confetti cannons, indoor fireworks etc all done and staged by me.

If you want something that little bit different, talk to me lets make it happen. Telephone Numbers above call now.