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Another Gig log. This one is about Mr & Mrs Kervis. Who invited me to be their Wedding DJ Accrington. at The Dunkenhalgh Hotel another great job as a Wedding DJ Blackburn.

Wedding DJ Blackburn

I had spoken with the Bride Natalie and the Groom Paul on the Dunkenhalgh’s Wedding Fayre last year. Natalie is a singer/model by trade and wanted to make sure her Entertainment suited her and her guests down to the ground. Paul took a step back and left Natalie to it. His thought process was its her big day and she can have everything she wants because if she is happy, he is extremely happy. (Ahhh cute)

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Wedding DJ Accrington

A month before the event it was a panic. Natalie was getting flustered as we had not had much contact over the year and was leaving it last minute to contact me. (With myself if we dont have much contact I always contact my clients two weeks before the event just to tie up loose ends), She phoned me letting me know she was having a Bridezilla moment and could she have five mins to get everything boxed off. Of course she could. I am a Wedding DJ Blackburn you can work with and have all the time in the world for my brides and grooms.

It was a perfect discussion about what she wanted for her family past songs she knew they loved and the type of music her and Paul were into. For the parents she wanted to make sure some 70’s disco and Motown was played later on into the top 40 back to a bit of oldskool and finishing off with Indie/Rock, I knew then it was going to be a great Wedding DJ Accrington Party

For her Wedding First Dance Song. Her and Paul went with Goo Goo Dolls – Iris, which is a classic choice and an excellent song at that. Specifically she only requested this one song, and left the rest of the evening up to myself.

Wedding DJ Accrinton

She had booked a Ratpack and Swing Singer, Called Matthew Lamb, Who I would whole hart-idly recommend, Matthew was excellent, such a fine vocal talent he was brilliant.

As always me and Matthew worked together. Its always nice when a Wedding DJ Blackburn can work properly together with a wedding singer its usually us verses them. We worked out the right times when each of us would perform to make the most out of the Wedding Reception. We decided an early set and then after the buffet he would come back and do the hard work getting everyone dancing. Once Matthew had finished it was over to the Wedding DJ Accrington, I started off in the 70’s with some Abba, Nolans, Candy Statton, and Tina Charles, then worked my way back in time to the 60’s with some classic motown, Elgins, Foundations, Four Tops, Isley Brothers, which led me nicely into Amy Winehouse, Adele and bringing into the New Music and Top 40 Chart Singles.

The night was fantastic and we had a packed dancefloor all night, the guests made a few music requests, but mainly it was down to myself and experience that kept the party going right the way through to 1am.

Our bride and groom could not have asked for more, and were extremely happy with my performance as their Wedding DJ Accrington. I would like to wish them all the best for the future, and hope they have a long and happy marriage.

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